Gosh. I did it again February 12, 2007

Filed under: God showed/taught me/ect — beyondtheoutside @ 9:18 PM

I know i’ve already posted today, but I wanna post again. So, like everything’s crazy now. I went from letting God have control of everything, just a few hours ago, to taking it into my own hands. I guess God taught me a lesson though. I made a mistake. I took the situation into my own hands and did something I’m guessing God didn’t want to happen.
Why I did that, Idk. I guess it has to do with lack of trust. Maybe I wasn’t trusting God. That’s always been a weak point. But I’m working on it. I’m doing better, with the Lord’s help of course.
But, after being all upset, I went to God about it and I know now that He’s forgiven me. But He wants me to try to listen next time :). So now I’ve put things BACK in his hands and we are all set. I’m really thankful for God’s forgiveness. It’s incredible. Ah, God’s so good to me.

Another thing God showed me today…I don’t have to know everything. Like, I’ve known that, but more as like…just like a fact. But now, i really really really know that. It’s really cool. like, just to know I dont have to know things about what’s going to happen or what God’s gonna do. My dearest readers, I hope you can also learn to have faith and trust God without knowing what’s going to happen. Trust His sovereign plan.

Thanks for showing me so much. Thanks for taking burdens. YOU ARE EVERYTHING I NEED!!!! That’s all I can say. I’m speechless. I love you GOD!!!! I wish I could say more!!!
In Jesus’ name



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