So light February 12, 2007

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God’s so good to me. He’s been like so faithful through everything lately. There’s been so much going on, I know I can’t handle it. But I can have peace because I know I dont have to handle it. It’s so amazing! I dont have to pity party saying “oh, my life is awful. How could God do this?” I can be confident that I know God’s working through this. i know that I will have trials. And you know, I dont have to be suprised by that because God told me in His Word that I’d have this anyway.
But it’s just awing me that God’s in control of this situation and I don’t have to be. All I have to do is let Him work through me. That’s it! And I’m not supposed to be in control of this situation or trying to fix it. I have to depend on my Savior to do what He wants with everyone involved.
The reason I titled this topic “So light” is because that’s how I feel. Now that I have put my burdens on Christ and I’m trusting Him and His father like I am instructed, I feel light. Like there are no worries. It’s incredible.

Dear God,
Thank you for taking my burden and making me feel so light.
In Jesus’ name,

(11 days left!)


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