Holding On/Letting Go February 13, 2007

Filed under: God showed/taught me/ect — beyondtheoutside @ 12:43 PM

ok, so God wants me to give everything up. Can I do that? I’ve been holding on to these things for years. I wrote everything down, and I know he now wants me to rip that paper up and throw it away. Seriously, I can’t do that. Idk why. But I continue holding on. He wants me to come out of the hole and let Him help me, let Himself be the ladder to get out. But why won’t I climb out? I’m not sure. Am I scared? Maybe I’m just comfortable where I am now? I’m not sure. But I need to figure this out. I need to give it all up to Him. I have to trust that He’ll take care of me. I need to let things go and let the memories fade. It’ll be a process before the memory is gone, but I KNOW God wants me to go take the paper I wrote up and tear it into shreds and let Him take those things away. But instead I cry, pleading with Him to let me keep them. But that’s not what’s best and not what will work. I will just get myself deeper in this hole of mine…

PLEASE help me to let go. Please help me to rip that paper. But dont let it only be a physical thing, but REALLY letting go. REALLY giving it up to you!!!!
In Jesus name

Thats it till next time…(10 days)


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