Friends/love for them February 14, 2007

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You gotta love them. I may know some better or be closer with , but love them all the same. When friends get into trouble, what do you do? Do you leave them hanging? Do you pretend to care when you really are running, crying and scared? No way. You gotta be there for them. You have to be a shoulder for them to cry on. You have to meet them where they are. You have to understand, even if you really don’t. BUT, you have to love them more then you love what they want. What’s this mean? Well, when friends get in trouble, you gotta help them out, even if it means going against their will. Do you care? If you do, then you wouldn’t let them stay in trouble. Covering for them does nothing but hurt them and bring you tons of guilt. You have to love them more then you love what they want! Don’t learn that the hard way…PLEASE

God, thank you so much for my friends. I’m so blessed by them. The ones younger then me and the ones older then me. I love them all. I could’ve asked for nothing better. Thank you soo much. You are nothing less then amazing. You are working in a certain friend imparticular Lord. I pray you’d soften their heart. I pray that you would love on this friend and let them know you are here. I pray that you would continue giving me strength to love this friend more then what this friend wants. Thank you Jesus. YOU ARE AMAZING and I know if I listen to you and let you use me, it will all work out ok!
In Jesus’ name,

So, God’s amazing. That’s the end. Yea, I’ve had some tough stuff lately. But it’s ok. God’s working it for good, even when I dont see how its good at the moment, I know something good is coming out of it. And I can have that confidence!

Oh yea, happy Valentines day! (8 days left!)


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