Devotion February 15, 2007

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Am I devoted? The definition of devoted (devotion/devote)
1. deep love and commitment
2. great dedication and loyalty
3. strong enthusiasm and admiration for somebody or something
4. fervent religious or spiritual feeling (formal)
5. the act of devoting something or being devoted to a particular purpose

So if THAT is what devotion is, what am I devoted to? Is it friends? A book? Dancing? WHAT am I devoted to? Devotion is a deep thing. I don’t think devotion is just a “oh yea, I like…” It’s a personal thing.

What SHOULD I be devoted to? God. I KNOW that. Do I have a deep love? Am I committed to Him? AM I DEVOTED to Him? Those are questions to ponder. Am I putting things above God? I know that’s wrong. Do I love God more then ANYTHING else? Is spending time with Him the most important thing? When I go to friends houses, do I still have my quiet times/devotions? If I find I’m not devoted to God, what AM I devoted to? What’s more important then my Lord? Reader, what is your most important thing? What are YOU devoted to?
Those are just questions to ponder.

Dear Lord,
You are the most important thing. Show me if I’m not making You the most important thing in my life. Help me correct it if You’re not. YOU are the bestest thing ever. Nothing can even COMPARE to You!
In Jesus’ name,



2 Responses to “Devotion”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Really good post. I struggle being devoted to things worthy of devotion (God) but rather devote myself to things that are fleeting. Thanks for the reminder of what I need to be devoted to.

  2. Maggie Says:

    Thanks for posting Sarah!

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