extreme tired…ness… February 19, 2007

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I’ve been so tired lately. Idk. It’s kinda weird. like I cant stay up more then 4 hours without falling asleep. i fall asleep anytime I sit pretty much :-\. Some think its mono (I did drink after jule 2 times when she had mono…) and my mother thinks its just being like over exahsted. I’m not sure which. I feel sooooo tired though. Like sleeping constantly and just dont have any energy. It’s a lil weird…idk…but it’s annoying and puts me in a bad mood since I’m so tired all the time and people are always waking me up which never makes you happy. But anyway, it’s pretty weird!!!

Dear Lord,
Please help me have more energy and help me not to be so tired all the time. Please help me take care of my body so I can have as much energy as possible! Thank you for blessing me with a healthy body.
In Jesus’ name,

Till next time (FOUR DAYS…OMG I CANT WAIT)


One Response to “extreme tired…ness…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty much always tired too. I doubt mine is anything except being a teen who has school, church, work, babysitting, etc, and usually wakes up a little after 7, except for 8ish on weekends.

    I’ll pray that you get the rest and energy you need.

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