Stuff… March 2, 2007

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hmm…YA=Amazing. i learned so much! God was def there with me. I’m not going into detail, it’s personal. If you’d like to know though, just ask me and i will tell you!

THe past few days have been very stressful and I’ve been sleeping nonstop. It’s not a good thing.

anyway, gtg.



2 Responses to “Stuff…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty much all about the motives, and your motives don’t sound bad. If you were like “I’m going to wear this to church and be a stumbling block to everyone who can’t” or if you were doing it to get attention that would be a problem. But, I’m the same way, I’ve worn it before (it’s been awhile) but my motives were fine too. As long as you don’t go goth or emo or anything, you’ll be fine, and the people that judge you just need to settle that with God.

    Oh yeah, YA was amazing 🙂

  2. Maggie Says:


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