Fed Up and things learned April 30, 2007

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hmm. i am FED up with drama. Like, ok, just answer this ONE question with a good answer and I’ll be content. WHAT – IS – THE – POINT!? I just dont get it still. Like, WHY is what I’d like to know! huh, its a lot. But I just learned two cool cool things. You wanna knwo what they are? Ok..(from church-it was about trials)
1)I am not to IGNORE the pain and suffering of trials. I am to look at the good things, but not IGNORE or block out the bad things. So now I can look @ the bad things not as ‘bad’ but as GOOD! Like I am now starting to see the pain AS beauty! Awesomeness God!

2) I am to look @ the trial through eyes of faith. Pst Don kept saying “eyes of faith” “eyes of faith”… And that stuck. i was looking at things through my own eyes, no wonder I was having to FORCE myself to see good things ect.
3) Also to look @ the big picture, not just the small things thru my narrow eyes.
Anyway, its def cool. If you wanna pray for me, please pray that I’d be able to see things through eyes of faith. Thanks SO much! ily all!



Uh-oh April 9, 2007

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I kno, its been forever. Well, here’s the deal….Everything has been CRAZY. Like, idk. i feel like my world is cuming from under me. Like, idk. I just feel like everything is nuts. Like my friends are giong down a scary path. What’s scarier is that I have been where they are… I feel like theres this road…its 10 points long. They are at 5, I’m @ 7. Or when I was @ 3, they were @ 1. Idk if that makes sense..but it does to me..hehe. But I feel so bad. I did tell one of them tho, so that’s good..I wish I could do more…


hmm…a lot April 1, 2007

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Sry my dear readers. I know I haven’t been on for a long time…so here…here’s what’s up with me…
UGH! idk what it is…its like everything. everything. it makes me upset. I have
to tell someone. but who? like everyone is messed up and freaky and will hurt
me. Like…idk. i dont even know what it is really. its everything that’s hurt
me. everything thats been said. its just-life i guess? but i know that it doesnt
have to be this way. so should i let God make it better? i dont really know what
to do or how to do it. i’ll just let it play itself out…i guess
there you are.