Summer May 16, 2007

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Summer is here!!!! DONE SCHOOL!!!!
Wow. This school year went by so fast. Seems like just yesterday it started. But at the same time, I’m so ready to be done school. I still feel like I’m excited about going into highschool and I’m already done a year. Gosh, that was fast. UM, good things and bad things. I was able to keep my grades up and math went esp well. That was actually my BEST subject this year and usually I get a B or B- and this year the lowest grade I got on anything was a 93. So that was God’s grace to help me work hard and persist and just get it done! I also finished that subject first. Bad things…i lost patience with people in my classes a few times and numerous other things. But anyway, I’m glad it’s over. I’m already excited about next year. I’m especially excited about my Lit/Speech/Writing class with Mrs Tracy!! I cant wait for that! I was looking forward to doing aerobics, but not enough people were interested =[. Oh well. I am also looking forward to another year of math, hoping that goes well. I’ll be doing Biology, which I started this year, but switched 2 weeks into it so that I could do Chemistry (that my mom was teaching) instead. So again, I’ll be doing biology. yuck. But I am really excited because now all my friends will finally be in highschool and I’ll be doing a bunch of classes with them! Well, I’ll be doing Lit, Bio, Speech, History (not all of them are doing History), and Writing. I feel like they are doing something else with me, but I don’t remember.
This summer should be fun though! I will be going to India June 17th-July 1st. I will be JCing at Beachmont for 2 weeks this summer. I would’ve liked to do 4 weeks, but because of India, that wont happen. Julie and I wanna do this week long thing that is too hard to explain on here…And I am trying to get into this class on Thursday’s for an hour and a half. It’s a lyrical/excersize class. I want to take that. It shouldn’t be too hard on my knees. What else…Well, throughout the summer I’ll be @ Beachmont on Tuesdays when I can. We’re taking a day trip to Sandy Cove for the day because we usually go for a week for this conference every year. BUT, the day it starts is the day I get back from India. With jetlag and all…we just aren’t going to go. But I have friends I only see then, so I begged to go up for one day. So we will on Wednesday, even if I am alseep half the time =]. Anyway, along with that, I babysit my cousin some days in the summer. She is only 5 months. Well, six now. But so like this Sunday to Tuesday I’ll be at her house babysitting and spending the night. Her parents both work, so I babysit from like 6-5 =]. So that is right now helping me get to India and after India will just be some extra money which will be good. I also will be weekly cleaning for my grandmother on Mondays. Besides that I have a daily schedule for biking and running, until my knees and hip make me stop in pain, I’ll be doing that as well. So all in all, my summer is pretty busy.
What’s your summer like?!

Ok, I gotta go now! Talk to you all later!


One Response to “Summer”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Boston, Russia, Graduation, Work, and probably a family vacation. That’s probably about it.

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