India and Pictures July 11, 2007

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There you can see pictures from India…
Speaking of India…it was AMAZING. But, I’m not even going to TRY to begin to share everything about India….its just too much. Ask me about it personally and I’d love to though. Ok, leave it…..


One Response to “India and Pictures”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean about posting. I am posting because so many people want to know, and it’s nice to remember it, but it’s hard. Emotionally it’s not the easiest. I am reliving the trip through my writing, and it’s hard knowing I’m not still there, but at the same time, I’ve been able to remember some great memories, I’ve been able to laugh and smile. So, I have mixed feelings on blogging about it. Slowly but surely I will finish.

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