L.I.F.E. July 11, 2007

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-Lessons Intended For Everyone.
Life’s been so crazy!
Where to start…Its like…so-I’m not even sure what to say. I’ve been half way across the world, gotten in trouble, been utterly confused, made bad choices, gotten stuck in the middle of things, made new friends, lost friends…And the list goes on.
*Sigh* It’s been really really hectic. I have no time to breath or think or share life with friends or anything. This week has been fun getting together with friends non-stop for like 5 days or something. So that was fun. Camp starts in a few weeks. I think I’ll be working with Alex so that’s exciting…
Through this all…Have I been telling God about my life? Have I been daily sharing my life with HIM, not just family and friends? Have I been asking things of HIM and taking my issues to HIM and thanking HIM for things? Truthfully, not so much. My devotions were becoming more just…just by routine…like its just what I do. But now, since India, they’ve gone back to really being time with God to talk and listen to him. And THAT makes me excited! Um, I guess I wanted, and still do want, things my way and in my control.
Life at this age isnt easy. It’s mostly just…well, it can be confusing. But, slowly, it’s being figured out. I saw it as challenging and annoying and…hard. But now, I’m beginning to see it as fun and an adventure. It’s something I’ll only live once. So lets make the best of it. Sometimes it can get hard if you dont have friends doing it with you. So I have joined them in to help me and walk with me….its quite an adventure…A great one.
BUT-How can I follow the path, that I see as one in darkness, I dont see where the next turn is? Well, if I know the maker, the creator of it, I can ask him to shine a light on it. I can ask him to hold my hand when I walk over the unexpected bridge. I can even ask him to help me get back on the path when I get off, or fall off the bridge! Now, I know if I’D made the path, I’d sit back and laugh while people fell and got hopelessly lost. Thats not what my creator does. He helps and leads and picks me up…How wonderful…
I’ll leave on that thought…It’s a happy one…


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