Sick =( July 12, 2007

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Hey all,
I’m sick again =( I went to Sandy Cove last week, on Wednesday, and I got Strep from my friend Matt. I was pretty sick for like 3 days with a fever that was up to 103.2 two times! So that was kinda crazy. On Sunday I went to church, worked with the 3’s, then went to a graduation party. Then I slept over Julie’s. I wound up staying there for 2 nights, Sunday-Tuesday. I went home on Tuesday morning, but Julie came with me (I totally invited her by the way. She didn’t just like come uninvited). She and I hung out, swam and then Alyssa came over around…4ish? We hung out until like 6.30 then left for Beachmont. They both came back and spent then night then went home this morning.
So obviously, I might not have made the wisest choices. I did feel great though. The antibiotics were really helping, my aches and fever and sore throat and headache were all gone. But now I’m feeling gross again and my temperture is up to 102.1 again. Now I have a headache, body aches, a fever (like I said), my glands are swollen and my eyes are burning. At least my throat doesn’t hurt! I’m kinda worried because I know I drank off Julie when she had Mono and my symptoms, according to the internet, could be mono. So I’ll pray against that. So…maybe I should take it easy for a while this time.
The only setback this time is that Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, I’m supposed to babysit my seven, almost 8, month old cousin. So we’ll see how that works out. Julie is supposed to help me a day or two. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.
Anyway, I’m gonna go lay down or something.


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