Friends. July 15, 2007

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I’ve decided I refuse to conform to their ways. I kind of have two different groups. I am not really ‘fitting in’ with either lately. One is extreme one way and one is kinda extreme the other. I’ve decided I’m going to remain me. I mean, I’ve never been the one who like does what everyone else does just to ‘be cool’ or anything, but I REFUSE to EVER conform my ways to fit EITHER of their standards. I really dont want to compromise or anything. And if any of you, readers, sees that I am or thinks that I am, please tell me that!
But basically some friends want some things, some want others. I may wind up with no friends, or just a few, and that’s ok with me. My opinions and views and convictions are different from other peoples, but they are what I personally believe God has called me to do or not do and stuff. SO, as hard as this may be, this is my personal promise to myself, God and the world that I am going to remain myself and I am going to do my best to keep strong in and speak for what I believe.
I’ve noticed lately that I’ve really seen God’s grace helping me work to keep me from doing things and stuff, but I haven’t exactly been saying WHY I don’t do or say certain things. So I’m going to try harder to speak up and not just walk away from situations. I think it would be better if I spoke up, so that’s my goal.
Also, I think that I’m going to have to watch my heart that I don’t become self-righteous or just like…idk. I haven’t really seen myself slipping into that so far, but it’s definitely a temptation. I’m no better then anyone…but thats an entirely different topic…but I know that I need to be on guard against that!!
Well, as much of a battle against EVERYTHING of my flesh this will be, I’m going to try! And I know, that with God’s help and amazing grace and forgivness, I can grow. I am going to try and I ask that my dear readers would help me in this.
Thank you so much.
Praise the Lord,


One Response to “Friends.”

  1. Michele Says:

    Maggie… I have some questions about this for clarification. Just to make sure I understand. Have a few min before or after church?

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