Obedience July 24, 2007

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Obedience. Not an easy thing. Lately, in some things that have been going on, I’ve had NO clue what to do. So I’ve been taking those things to the Lord, asking for wisdom and direction and just help! And as I listen to Him and hear His replies, I know what I’m supposed to do, most of the time. Sometimes I have to wait for His answer, but usually it comes pretty quickly…But anyway, so when he gives me His answer and clearly tells me what I’m to do or say or where to go, I know that I am to obey him and just do it…But that’s not what I’ve always been wanting to do. I’ve been wrestling with God a little. Of course, because He’s God and He’s not, I find that I need to trust him and just do it. So I, sometimes reluctantly, do what he’s told me. And I’ve found that when I obey, especially willingly, that I am so blessed! The situation works out perfectly, even though I may not think it has. Like, I may think “oh great, I did what he told me and look what happened!” But its then I realize, I’m a human and I don’t see the whole plan. I was obedient and so therefore, God’s will is going to be lived out. It did work out just fine. In HIS timing. And the best part, He somehow got glory from that!
So I’ve been learning to live by what GOD wants for me, obeying him ALL the time, but I know that I totally fail a lot. But that’s ok, because I’m also being taught, slowly but surely, that God’s grace IS enough for EVERY part of my life. It’s really an exciting feeling to know that you’re doing the right thing and that it’s going to work out according to what the Lord wants! It also gives me a lot of joy, definitely something that we all love to have!



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  1. Sarah Says:

    “Of course, because He’s God and He’s not, I find that I need to trust him and just do it.” Did you mean “He’s God and I’M not”?

    Anyway, it’s so hard to “just do it”, even though our spiritual side knows it’s the best and it’ll work out for our good, our physical being, our nature, is to say “That’s so irrational, there’s no way I can do that and it’s gonna turn out good” It definitely takes a ton of faith, sometimes more than I think I have, but the times I have trusted God, it turns out so much better and makes my faith grow.

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