God’s Glory… October 8, 2007

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Just something I was thinking/talking about lately.
I was just thinking about what situations I see as ‘bad’ and ‘negative’. But I’ve also been really trying to live by TRUTH lately, rather then thoughts or feelings. So anyway…I was thinking about how I see different things and why. I was comparing them and just…trying to figure out why i think about things the way I do. So I was thinking about ‘bad’ things…God STILL gets glory from them, correct? Yes. So, that being true, how can I say something is ‘bad’ for me or negative? My ultimate reason for LIVING is for God’s glory…So if He gets glory from it, that’s wonderful…So, I’m still pondering this…but just thought I’d blog since I hadn’t in a while…


One Response to “God’s Glory…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I see you’re trying to make me cry. 😉 I’ve had several little “bad” things occur in the last few days and have been trying to see the lesson in them. Perhaps the lesson I need to learn is exactly what you just said. While I don’t see how a zero on a test and probably failing science all together (missed class and he doesn’t give make ups) can bring God glory, it obviously does or it wouldn’t happen. Thanks Maggie!

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