Truth, Obeying… October 15, 2007

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Lately I’ve been trying to apply TRUTH! to everyyyyy single part of my life. I realized I was living my life based on feelings rather then the truth the Word shows me. And like one thing I do now is every night for the past two wks i’ve chosen a few of my top Bible vs’s and written them out… I write what I tend to believe and then what truth that verse speaks to me about…anyway, I’ve really been trying to apply truth to my life, rather then living by feelings, ect. So anyway, I’ve praying a lot about what aspects of my life I’ve either been living in denial, ignoring truth or living by feelings..And I’ve been asking God to show me those things so that I can apply truth to them…and one thing God showed me was an area that I didn’t want to fix..I knew it would be hard to fix…and my feelings are very involved. So I’m praying about like…how I should handle this and what the Lord wants me to do. A few months ago, in the summer, I was really really trying to just OBEY the Lord because i was struggling BIG time with that. And after a REALLY big struggle and TONS and TONS of grace, I’ve improved in that area…But anyway, the point is, I’m praying for courage because i’m not sure what God wants me to do about this area yet, but I’m scared it will be something I DONT want to do. And I KNOW I need to obey God. Not because its what I HAVE to do, but because I WANT to! So yea.
Real fast, a VERY good quote about truth I found…
“I cant live by what i feel, but by the truth your Word reveals,
I’m not holding on to you, but your holding on to me”
-East to West, Casting crowns..

So anyway, that’s what’s been going on lately…


3 Responses to “Truth, Obeying…”

  1. Michele Says:

    Awesome idea Maggie!
    This is exactly what we should be doing.
    Especially as women — we can be more prone to fluttering about based on what we feel.
    I’m sure that a review of the sermon notes from last year’s Youth Advance will also serve you well.

    Keep fighting, chickie.

  2. beyondtheoutside Says:

    Thanks, I’ll do that M!

  3. Michele Says:

    How are you doing with this?
    I know that when I start applying something — it is about 10 days after that I need a fresh kick in the pants!

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