Just an update… October 26, 2007

Filed under: God showed/taught me/ect,Life — beyondtheoutside @ 3:00 PM

Michele asked how I was doing…So just figured I’d post it…
Truth has really refreshed me with a new like..idk, a whole new light on things. And it’s taken a lot of stress out of my life as I don’t rely on what I may be thinking/feeling (which is constantly changing btw…), but on the truth of the Word. Um, also been hard to catch myself from listening to myself, rather then talking.
Since I’ve been praying and stuff about like areas I havent been applying truth, I’ve come to some conclusions and just been seeing some area’s I have to choose to obey or choose what I want to do. So that’s been kinda tough…well, really tough. Just been doing a lot of thinking. Will I really chose something over God? I pray that I wont..So just been really trrying to make the right choices…


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