Oh my. November 16, 2007

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Transitions are so hard. Whether its school, friends, weather or ANYTHING! It’s hard to switch from doing things one way to doing things another. And lately, I’ve been in a transition period of my life in a specific area. It’s really a weird thing too. Like, everything i was used to and knew and had conformed to, change. I’m learning new ways to get by, new ways to do things. I’m ok with this change, but I must say it’s one of the ‘oddest’ times of my life. Now, not EVERYTHING in this area is changing, but MOST of it. I’m loving it and know its for my best, but it’s DEF weirdd. So now, I’m kinda living by this:
I’m moving on.
I’m living with out regrets.
I’m not looking back.

The moving on is the choice i had to make to transition into this weird time till my life is sorted out in this area.
The living without regrets is that I’ve chosen not to regret where I was, but rather look @ the good times I had and appreciate those. It’s not that I did anything wrong really with this area, but its just time to move on. And I’m learning to be ok with that.
And the not looking back, is not living in the past. I REFUSE, I REFUSE to live in the past ANY longer. I’ve wasted SO much of my life looking back, wishing things hadn’t happened, and I’m DONE with that! If you can’t tell, I feel very strongly about that ;).

So yea, that’s where I am right now!


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