Its the little things.. December 28, 2007

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So, yesterday I was taking my friends home (they’d spent the night)…And on the way home I saw a HUGE line of birds. They were flying West…I guess they’d eventually get to the South though. Anyway, I was just watching the birds and we drove home. I was thinking about these birds…And how it’s so cool how they know where to go. They know when its cold, they fly south, because it’ll be warm. And they don’t fly solo. It was literally millions of birds. There were 2 things that came to mind. First, that’s SO cool how God wired them to do that! Just gave me a refreshed sense of amazement…And the second thing I thought about was how they all travelled together. When I tried to see how long the line of birds was, I couldn’t see the full thing, it went on forever it seemed. But then i was thinking…I rarely ever see birds fly alone. And I wonder what would happen if they did. Would they make it? Would they know where to go? I’m thinking not. And it seems as if God’s made them to be with each other, not ‘flying solo’. But as I pondered that it seemed to relate to life…of humans! Like, if we humans were to try to fly solo….we wouldn’t know where to go. We’d get lost and probably wouldn’t make it. But when we ‘fly’ with others, things are easier. There are other to follow, and it’s harder to get lost. I mean, think about it. There are ALL those birds, I can’t imagine one getting lost. Also, I’m sure there were some birds in that line that we flying South for the first time. There were also some birds I’m sure that have flown South many times…and, I dont know, I guess I was just thinking about how like the older ones have more experience and the younger ones can follow; just as in life!So those are my very confusing, not put together thoughts about birds. haha. 


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  1. ~M Says:

    These thoughts are excellent. I think of all the lessons I’ve learned in my short existence, one of the ones that has served me the best has been that we need one another. It is God’s design. Look at how we are called the Bride of Christ — the church is, not each individual person. Together we make up the Bride. It is God’s grace at work in your life that you would see this important truth!

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