7 weird things about me! =) January 28, 2008

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So, Mrs Zoe tagged me to write 7 weird things about me. These will probably be lame since I can’t really think of much @ them moment. So, this one isn’t exactly weird, just unexpected.           I am a deep thinker. I analyze everything. Often, I over anazlyze and thing about things too deeply. But most of the time, I just think. I love to just sit and think and be inspired.          I LOVE rings!!! My fingers feel naked if they dont have @ least one ring, per hand. I can’t stand not wearing rings. Plastic, rubber, mood rings, nice rings, rings that put lead into my fingers, turn them green and make them bleed. ANY kind is good for me!   I don’t like celebrating birthdays or Christmas.  yes, I have parties sometimes. But only because people say I should, so I do. I don’t mind being with a lot of people or anything, but I just dont like that! Christmas, I think it’s more that I just don’t like it because of what it’s become. If it were really about Christ’s birth throughout the world, then I wouldn’t mind it. But I can’t stand Christmas music or any of that.. btw, if its someone else’s birthday, i dont mind..                                           I have two homes. You see, I  have my family that I was born into and soverignly placed into (though at times I wonder why), and I have my ‘other’ family. You see, my best friend’s house (the Dubell home) is my other house. I looooove that family to death and would do anything for them. They are so much my family I have gotten into little squabbles with my siblings over there.(I don’t consider this strange…)                                   I can talk extremely fast. People say I talk really fast (although i disagree) and some can’t understand me. I have so much in my mind, I talk really quickly to get it all out so i dont like run out of time or something. I’m not exactly sure why I talk so fast, but I think that’s part of the reason  Song lyrics are my life. I am sooo inspired by song lyrics. I think they are the #1 think that I like…love. I have two binders full of song lyrics and my desk ( ) is covered (they go down the side and i’ve even added more since that picture!) with over 50 little notecards with song lyrics/saying. I looooove them sooo much!              And finally…Like mrs Zoe.. I LOVE OKRA! I tried it for the first time when I wint to India this past summer. I didn’t exactly (well, at all) like the Indian food. It was  just..not my kind of food. But I ate bread, rice and Okra!! It looks kinda like green beans, but has a lot more flavor. And, while I’ve never had it raw, I’m sure I’d like it! I know me some fried Okra thought! I tag you if you….are a deep thinker or looooove rings


One Response to “7 weird things about me! =)”

  1. ~M Says:

    Well… what are the 7 wierd things?????

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