A bunch of stuff. May 20, 2008

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Just getting some stuff out.

1)After I deliver my speech (persuasive speech about the importance of being informed before voting), I will be done school for the summer. The only exception is Latin because the program broke and I couldn’t do it for a while. So that’s a bummer. But it’s not hard and now that it’s fixed, I should fly through it. 

2) I get to go to GA on the 15th! I’ll be back sometime around the end of the month. Super excited. I’m going to visit my 20 something cousin, her husband and their 18 month (I think) old little girl. They moved not ot long ago and my cousin is a little lonely because she doesnt know anyone. They’re expecting a baby boy in late sept (when I’ll be going to visit again) so they need extra hands to help them get ready for him!!! I spent a lot of time with them last summer, so I miss them dearly.

3)My spiritual life has taken a 180 in the past few months. Things weren’t going well but God got a hold of me and put me on the right track. I’m so thankful to God and the people who helped me get here. Through YA, people God placed in my life, trials, my class @ church, and my best friend ((JULIE)), I have totally changed my life. Not that I was like doing ‘terrible’ things or whatever, but I had bitterness, bad thinking and habits that I HAD to kill because they were eating me alive. By God’s grace, I’m getting there!!!

4) I’m starting “Trusting God: Even when life hurts” by Jerry Bridges. Michele, Caity, Anne, Julie and I are all reading it together. Next week will be our first week of meeting together. I’m very excited because I read the intro and first few pages. I love it! 

5) Julie and I are going to read a book this summer about being a good friend and having good friends. I recently realized that friends can be really helpful or REALLY hurtful. So I’m excited about reading this!

6) This summer is  our church’s VBS program and Commissed (a wknd long of different levels of evangelism). I’m super excited about that because I think God is going to do a lot through that!

7) Beachmont is also this summer. It’s always good times.

8) My dad said I can take Drivers ED in August and get my permit in July. Super excited. 

9) I’ll be a junior in HS. strange.

10) God’s been doing amazing things in my best friends life and it’s so cool to 1) be a part of that 2) be affected by that 3) have a best friend who is now encouraging me in my walk with Christ and 4) see God’s glory now displayed in her life. 

11) I’ve been taking this class @ church about heaven, hell and eternity. ITS AMAZING. I had a distorted view of both but I’m so happy now because 1) I’m more excited about heaven 2) I have a MUCH deeper passion for the unsaved people. I don’t want them to go to hell. 3) I am living more in light of eternity and how I live here affecting that.

12) I’ll be getting my own room in Sept. Not a big deal? No. This is big for me because I’ve NEVER had my own room. I’m super happy. 

13) This past wknd was prom and the banquet @ church. It was [A][M][A][Z][I][N][G].

Pics? I think yes. Here you are: 



For now, that’s all I can think of but I’m sure I’ll add to it!


2 Responses to “A bunch of stuff.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Aww, Maggie, it’s great to hear all that God is doing in your life. I can’t wait to get together with you soon, Lord willing, and hear more about your life and all that he is doing.

  2. ~M Says:

    Looking forward to seeing what God will do through the books you (we) are reading!

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