Heya from SC. August 29, 2008

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Been on vacation. It’s been okay. It’s been good because I can sleep a lot and because I can read a lot. I’ve been okay. Things have been a little crazy with people that are @ home-but it’s all good. Um, I broke my camera. I was go-karting and I had 3 crashes and one was me being dumb and thinking it’d be funny to hit this guy who’d just gotten hit and it turned out to be a head on collision. The roof of his car flew forward. I was messed up a bit. I’ve never had a bruise this purple or deep or that hurt this badly-it’s not good. And my necks sore-but I’ll be okay =) Um, so that was not good. I couldn’t have really avoided him anyway, but I could’ve at least tried to stop. So then my car just stops and the guy comes running over asking if I was okay because my car like broke and I was definitely thrown around a bit. Didn’t feel good @ all. So then the employee guy fixed my car and I left…But anyway-point-My camera was in the car with me. It was in a little pouch/case thing…But I think that the accident might’ve messed it up. My memory card is fine-but I LOVE my camera. I love taking pictures. And on top of that, now I can’t find it. BUMMER. I am really sad. I can still take pictures with it-it’s just that when I go to look @ the picture I took, it’s not really able to see it. And I can’t like see what I’m taking-unless I look through the viewfinder =\. I was planning on selling my camera and buying an upgraded one-but I guess I’ll be buying one sooner than anticiapated. Anyway, my camera is basically my baby and I hope I can find/fix it…=( 

Anyway, that’s all. I’ll be home tomorrow night. Church in the AM. I get to see my best friend and her family. I’m ecstatic. I get to go over her house and spend the night @ her new house for the very first time. Um, Tues I start school. I am so excited!!!! The 6th is the car wash and I’m really really excited about that… =)



Gone August 22, 2008

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I’m leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow @ 4am =) So, I’ll be there. I’m bringing like a TON of books. I don’t really like vacations. I don’t like the beach. I don’t like the sand. I find the water boring unless there are big waves-and last year there were hardly any. I don’t like the pool-the lazy river is okay. Um, so yeah, I’m just gonna bringing a bunch of books to read and I’m gonna just lay out on the beach reading. It’ll be good. =) I’m also bringing some school to do there-might as well do something worthwhile =P


Oh, and… August 20, 2008

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I went driving  yesterday. It was fun. My dad took me to a warehouse near my house and i drove around the back of the place where there was a HUGE parking lot…I got to learn the basics and he taught me, briefly, how to parallel park. He wasn’t trying to really teach me, just kinda show me HOW you do it. So that was fun. I also learned how to park regularly…only took me 3 times, haha! Um, I got up to 30 mph! haha. Then, I drove around the front of the place and when I went to the back again and there was a cop chilling back there just doing nothing…so we thought maybe we should leave. But, I got to drive home! It was only one street since the warehouse was on my road…and the speed limit was 25 and I was going like 20-haha. the person behind me was tailgating me sooo much. I wanted to be like “BACK OFF!!” haha. and, of course, on the most narrow part of my street, another car came so I had to quickly pull of the the side of the road and I almost hit a big rock. But, I got about an hour or so of driving in….59 to go. It was a BLAST though. Oh, and i was in the van-not my car because we dont have the title yet =( It was all good though =)



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So, this summer my mom brought up the idea of me graduating early. I neer really realized it was a possibility, but I ran with the though. I thought LOOOONG and hard about it and prayed about it. I began to have a passion for this. See, to me-its not ‘just school’. I LOVE learning (esp history!) and I take my education VERY seriously. So, my mom said she would think about it and talk to my dad. Well, last night-they FINALLY talked and they decided that I CAN do this! I was SO happy and SO thankful. AH! So, this year, I will be a SENIOR! AWESOME. ’09 BABY! So, i’m really happy and excited-but, I know this takes a lot of self-motivation, determination and effort. I will be taking English, Lit, worldview, bible, latin 2, 1/3 of a credit for geometry, chemistry and in the spring I’ll be taking Eng 101 @ the community college since I need 2 credits in one year. So during the spring I will be doing 2 english classes @ the same time. I am also writing a research paper on knees for my health credit that I need another 1/4 for. It will be a hard year, esp since we’re studying the ancient times and that is my least favorite time period to study. 

The toughest thing about this year is that I wont have the extra year to study for my SAT’s. Once I graduate-SAT’s don’t count anymore. So, I can take them mulitiple times and I’ve taken the PSAT’s two times, but still. This year my social activity will be limited. My only commitment @ this point is church stuff (Sundays, Caregroup, etc). I’ll also be finishing the book Trusting God in the book study so I’ll have that. My weekends will now be spent at HOME, studying for SAT’s or whatever needs to be done that week rather then going out ALL the time. I am in the mindset that I will have a limited social life though so I’ll be fine. I have two goals for school:

1)Get excellent grades and

2) Do well on the SAT’s. 


THat’s it. I have other spiritual goals, but those are the two things i am focusing on for school. Since starting Highschool I haven’t been one who is okay with getting and grade lower than a B or even a low B isn’t okay to me. I have to push myself VERY hard to get the grades-but it is well worth it. I also will most-likely be going to an out of state college, so I will need to get scholarships because I refuse to come out of college in debt-I have that already set in my mind-no college debt. If I stay instate, I will mostlikely not have to pay anything because of financial aid-but because I’ll probably be going out of state-I need the grades.


Anyway, I’m pretty ecstatic.


encouragement August 18, 2008

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I just wanted to publicly thank the Lord. I just wanted to tell everyone how AWESOME he is. I just want to say i love him. He has been so good to me recently. Well, he has always been good to me-all the time. 

But, I have felt particularly blessed recently. He’s just been speaking to me very clearly lately. Through church and people and songs, I’ve heard him speaking to me-telling me just what I need to hear. Sunday at church I realized I need to LISTEN more. I’ve been seeing that this week. If I listen more, I will hear. I ask things of him and i request things-but I dont listen. I need to quiet my soul before the Almighty and just-listen. Just sit, quietly, before him. Just bask in his love and peace.

Anyway, that was a very poorly put together paragraph, but oh well. I just want to say i love my savior so much.


SO happy!

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My car....yet to be named.

My car....yet to be named.

AAAHH!!! I got my permit today. It was really exciting. I will (finally) admit that I failed when I went Saturday. It was very upsetting but humbling. I’m okay with it now, but that was really hard for me to admit. But anyway, so I got it today and I’m super super happy. =) I have a car and I just cant wait to drive. I’ll upload a pic of my car sometime…