encouragement August 18, 2008

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I just wanted to publicly thank the Lord. I just wanted to tell everyone how AWESOME he is. I just want to say i love him. He has been so good to me recently. Well, he has always been good to me-all the time. 

But, I have felt particularly blessed recently. He’s just been speaking to me very clearly lately. Through church and people and songs, I’ve heard him speaking to me-telling me just what I need to hear. Sunday at church I realized I need to LISTEN more. I’ve been seeing that this week. If I listen more, I will hear. I ask things of him and i request things-but I dont listen. I need to quiet my soul before the Almighty and just-listen. Just sit, quietly, before him. Just bask in his love and peace.

Anyway, that was a very poorly put together paragraph, but oh well. I just want to say i love my savior so much.


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