Oh, and… August 20, 2008

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I went driving  yesterday. It was fun. My dad took me to a warehouse near my house and i drove around the back of the place where there was a HUGE parking lot…I got to learn the basics and he taught me, briefly, how to parallel park. He wasn’t trying to really teach me, just kinda show me HOW you do it. So that was fun. I also learned how to park regularly…only took me 3 times, haha! Um, I got up to 30 mph! haha. Then, I drove around the front of the place and when I went to the back again and there was a cop chilling back there just doing nothing…so we thought maybe we should leave. But, I got to drive home! It was only one street since the warehouse was on my road…and the speed limit was 25 and I was going like 20-haha. the person behind me was tailgating me sooo much. I wanted to be like “BACK OFF!!” haha. and, of course, on the most narrow part of my street, another car came so I had to quickly pull of the the side of the road and I almost hit a big rock. But, I got about an hour or so of driving in….59 to go. It was a BLAST though. Oh, and i was in the van-not my car because we dont have the title yet =( It was all good though =)


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