YES!!!! SENIOR ’09 BABYYYYYY! August 20, 2008

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So, this summer my mom brought up the idea of me graduating early. I neer really realized it was a possibility, but I ran with the though. I thought LOOOONG and hard about it and prayed about it. I began to have a passion for this. See, to me-its not ‘just school’. I LOVE learning (esp history!) and I take my education VERY seriously. So, my mom said she would think about it and talk to my dad. Well, last night-they FINALLY talked and they decided that I CAN do this! I was SO happy and SO thankful. AH! So, this year, I will be a SENIOR! AWESOME. ’09 BABY! So, i’m really happy and excited-but, I know this takes a lot of self-motivation, determination and effort. I will be taking English, Lit, worldview, bible, latin 2, 1/3 of a credit for geometry, chemistry and in the spring I’ll be taking Eng 101 @ the community college since I need 2 credits in one year. So during the spring I will be doing 2 english classes @ the same time. I am also writing a research paper on knees for my health credit that I need another 1/4 for. It will be a hard year, esp since we’re studying the ancient times and that is my least favorite time period to study. 

The toughest thing about this year is that I wont have the extra year to study for my SAT’s. Once I graduate-SAT’s don’t count anymore. So, I can take them mulitiple times and I’ve taken the PSAT’s two times, but still. This year my social activity will be limited. My only commitment @ this point is church stuff (Sundays, Caregroup, etc). I’ll also be finishing the book Trusting God in the book study so I’ll have that. My weekends will now be spent at HOME, studying for SAT’s or whatever needs to be done that week rather then going out ALL the time. I am in the mindset that I will have a limited social life though so I’ll be fine. I have two goals for school:

1)Get excellent grades and

2) Do well on the SAT’s. 


THat’s it. I have other spiritual goals, but those are the two things i am focusing on for school. Since starting Highschool I haven’t been one who is okay with getting and grade lower than a B or even a low B isn’t okay to me. I have to push myself VERY hard to get the grades-but it is well worth it. I also will most-likely be going to an out of state college, so I will need to get scholarships because I refuse to come out of college in debt-I have that already set in my mind-no college debt. If I stay instate, I will mostlikely not have to pay anything because of financial aid-but because I’ll probably be going out of state-I need the grades.


Anyway, I’m pretty ecstatic.


8 Responses to “YES!!!! SENIOR ’09 BABYYYYYY!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Maggie, I’m so excited for you! OH-NINE sounds so much better than TEN. Yeah, that just doesn’t work. I’m sure you don’t care about that, but it’s just something I thought about.

    Oh, and I wanted to tell you this even though you probably already know- don’t let good grades control you or define you. You sound like me in that you hate getting low grades and you often get good grades (except I didn’t get such good grades in math and science) by working hard. Just don’t allow them to make you proud. I made that mistake and found too much identity in my grades. God broke me of that in college, when my first English paper was a B something and I cried. Yes, cried over a B. That’s when I realized grades were way too important to me. Of course I should still be diligent and work hard for the glory of God, but unfortunately before I wasn’t. I worked to the glory of Sarah. I still battled that into my second semester. I worked harder in history than probably any other class that semester and I still only got a C. I think that was God’s way of telling me, once again, my grades are completely in His control and I need to trust Him for His grace not rely on my own abilities.

    I’m not saying this because I think you are proud about your grades or find your identity in them or anything, but because I don’t want to see you go down the path I did. So, before you walk down the horrible path of self-sufficiency, ask God to keep you trusting Him ALWAYS, and to keep you from ever relying on yourself.

    Sorry this was so long. And I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. I’m saying it all out of love, Maggie, because I don’t want you to make the same horrible mistake I did.

    Enjoy your senior, graduate OH-NINE! 🙂

  2. beyondtheoutside Says:

    Thanks Sarah!
    I can def see that becoming a struggle and people have been trying to keep me aware of that and there are a few people who will tell me to make sure not to make that an idol-to get good grades and to check my heart all the time for that.. But that was a good word of caution, so thanks!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Glad you have the accountability!

  4. beyondtheoutside Says:

    Me too…My friends do so much to keep me out of trouble. Praise God for friends.

  5. janetboylan Says:

    Which out of state school are you thinking about?

  6. Maggie Grant Says:

    Um, there’s actually about 5. Liberty is def one I wanna check out and there’s one in NY that I’ve been looking into. There are a few, but I have been trying to find out more about them and ask people who go there if they like it and all…Trying to see who has good psychology programs because that’s what I wanna get my major in…And I’ll need a masters so I have to figure where I wanna do that too. =) It’s a lot to think about but I’m trying to think about HS first because sometime I think too much about college-but I’ll most likely have a whole year to think about it =)

  7. janetboylan Says:

    Actually, not really. If you are a senior this year, alot of schools like their applications as early as December and really no later than March-ish.

  8. Maggie Grant Says:

    No, I’m taking a year off before going to college. I’ll be taking classes @ Essex and working a lot next year. So I do still have some time =)

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