Homeschooling September 8, 2008

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I had to write a little 1.5 to two page paper. there were three options, but I chose homeschooling. Bascially you just had to write the advantages of homeschooling…And I liked it so thought I’d share my thoughts-this is actually what I think about homeschooling through highschool. 

                                                                                                                                              Maggie Grant


                                                                                                                                        Advantages Essay


     Homeschooling through high school has many advantages. You get to choose your own classes, work in the learning style that best suits you, and learn time management. In my opinion, these are the most important things about homeschooling through high school.

            When homeschooling in high school, you can choose some of the classes you want to take. There are some classes that are required, but there are other classes where the choice is yours. Technology, for example, can be comprised of typing, cooking, childcare, woodshop or a plethora of other things. You pick what you want to learn about and that is a big advantage because then you will enjoy learning because you’re the one who picked what you were interested in learning about.  Along with choosing your classes, you can choose how you will take them. You can do the schooling by taking online classes, you can take computer program classes, watch the class on DVD, or take classes at a community college. This again serves you well because this will help you be able to learn in a variety of ways and adapt to different types of teaching.

            Secondly, you pick your work environment. Do you like being alone? You can work alone. Do you like being with people? You can take classes with your fellow peers. You can do your school at a desk, on the floor or on a bed. You can do your work with or without music. If your style of learning varies by subject, you can change your setting easily. I found that having these options has benefited me because I can choose what the best setting is to help me focus, learn and work efficiently.            

            And last, but I think the biggest benefit of homeschooling through high school, is that you learn a very important life skill. That skill would be time management. In high school your mom and dad are not guiding you with what to do every minute of every day or making sure that you do what they tell you needs to get done that day for school. It is up to you to make a schedule-and more importantly follow that schedule. When your alarm goes off, you have the responsibly of making sure you get up and don’t just turn it off and go back to bed. It is easy to become lazy when being homeschooled and you will learn the hard way what happens if you become lazy. But oh, you get to see the wonderful benefits that you will reap if you can follow that schedule you made! I think that time management is the biggest advantage to homeschooling because this is a skill that you can take with you the rest of you life.

            Homeschooling has many advantages. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be homeschooled through high school. The skills you will take from homeschooling will be many and the lessons learned will never leave you.



Anyway, those are my thoughts on homeschooling through high school. 



2 Responses to “Homeschooling”

  1. Grandpapa Says:

    Thank you for a well thought through post on the advantages of homeschool. I am sure that you realize that some of the same advantages, such as getting up when the alarm goes off, also applies to regular schoolers as well.

    However, I am asking if you will allow me to publish your post on my website. i think it deserves to be read by a wider audience. I have also published another letter by a high school boy. You may wish to read it at

    I will of course give the necessary credit and referencing when I publish your letter.

    I am waiting for a reply.

    Yours truly

  2. beyondtheoutside Says:


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