A month later…Well, more than a month… September 9, 2008

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Okay, so the Do Hard Things conference was the 26th of July. It’s now the 9th of September (or, I think it is…). Anyway, so they told us that there were 7 things they wanted us to do in the next month. I wanted to let you know what those things were again and give you an update of what things I did/didn’t. 

 1)Have a hero

Yes, I definitely have a hero now. I am so thankful the Lord has this person in my life. 


God has put in me a passion for reading. It must be from Him because I never liked reading before. I am thankful again to the Lord for the desire He has put in me to read. I’ve read a lotttt of books since then. I’d like to be in the Word-the ultimate book, more often though.

-”Those who never read will never be read. Those who never quote will never be quoted”-C. Spurgeon

3)Take advantage of the Rebellution

I haven’t done so much of this. I read the book and I’ve checked the site, but really haven’t done much with the book or website or anything…




-Discussion forms

4)Find secret Rebelutionaries

This has also been a God thing…I’ve been able to find a few people from church that are with me on this one… It’s been great and this has made me be VERY VERY excited for the coming school year with church stuff. 

-Be an obvious rebellutionary so that other will follow and ’show themselves’

5)Seek out godly and wise people in my life

I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this. At first I wasn’t going to do anything because there are already a few older women in my life…and a variety of ages which is awesome. But then I thought I’d ask other people what they wish they knew at my age, since that is what they suggested. So I did that and got so many wonderful answers. 

-ASK-What do you wish you knew at my age

-ASK to people who know you really well-what choices would you be making my life that I’m not making?

6)Know that God’s the biggest comforter

Well, this isn’t exactly something to ‘do’, but this is another one I haven’t done much to pursue…

-Live and belong to God

-Do hard things to the glory of God

-Get to know God


God’s helping me to do this and I think this is something that I’m working on-but that is going to be a work in progress. Me and a few other people are trying to change the youth in the church-and like i said, it’s a work in progress-something we’re working on but will take time. I’m so thankful that God is helping us make changes and I can’t wait to see the benefits…=)

Anyway, that’s that…


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