In Days Of Trials Deuteronomy 33:27 September 10, 2008

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So I read this in “Beside Still Waters” yesterday and it was very encouraging to me. So I wanted to share it. 

“Some of you are enduring deep affliction. In you extraordinary trial, remember the depth of divine faithfulness. You may be unable to comprehend why, but I urge you to believe in the firmness and stability of divine affection. You will have comfort in proportion to your trials. If you have shallow sorrows you will receive shallow graces. If you have deep afflictions you will obtain deeper proof of God’s faithfulness.

     I could lay down and die when I think of life’s trials, but like Sarah (Gen 21:6) I recover and laugh when I remember that the eternal God is our refuge and that underneath are the everlasting arms (Duet 33:27). God will not fail. God will not take away His hand until He has finished His purpose concerning us.

     Great trials bring great promises. Much afflicted one, there are great and mighty words that are not meant for saints of easier experiences. You will drink from the deep goelder goblets reserved for those giants who can drink a great portion of wormwood, but God will also supply deep drinks of the well-refined wines on the lees (IS. 25:6).

     Trials greatly enlarge the soul.  Thus, I do not want, in my better mind, to escape great trials, since they involve great graces. If my strength shall be as my days (Duet. 33:25), then let my days be long and dark, for my stength will be might, God will be glorified, and I will be blessed. I earnestly urge every tested Christian to dwell on this truth, for it may be a great comfort.

     There is love, immortal and unchanging love, in heaven toward you, which will never grow cold.  You will be helped. God would sooner cease to be that cease to be faithful. Be of good courage, for today He will strengthen your heart.”  

    I just found that so comforting and so what I needed to start my day with. So anyway, I hope that encourages you today..


2 Responses to “In Days Of Trials Deuteronomy 33:27”

  1. ~M Says:

    You should make sure the Trusting God gals read this!

  2. Heyy Maggie.. neither do i know you nor u know me.. but well came across your blog today and found it really really amazing!! God is doing great things in your life and truly you will be blessed for ur faith and trust in Him.
    Juz wanted to let you know that im gonna quote you from this particular blog to help out a friend who needs some words of encouragement and peace.. thanks..
    God Bless!!!!

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