Church Car Wash/ Yard Sale September 12, 2008

Filed under: Life — beyondtheoutside @ 2:52 PM

So I’m really excited. The church yard sale/car wash tomorrow. It’s always a blast and there are so many people from the community. Church is so full the next morning. It really makes me smile. Michele, who always leads it-and does a GREAT job by the way- said she wont be there tomorrow. My first thought was “how are we going to do this! we can’t do anything without michele!” I know we’ll be fine-but it will be weird. Anyway, so she asked me if I’d help Bethany Davis sorta keep things make sure people have water/food and stuff. Even though it’s not a big deal or a huge job, it makes me glad that I’ll be able to help Bethany so she can better serve us. I know Beth will do a great job. I’m super excited because I love church and I’m so happy I can serve the church in this way. =)


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