Twoknight =) September 20, 2008

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“Tonight” just seemed a title that was too boring, so I had some fun with it =)

I get to go to church today @ three-thirty and stay there until about nine-thirty. We’re having the parents meeting for Cross Current and the youth are making/serving/cleaning up dinner. I’m very excited for a few reasons. 

First, I love being at church. Church feels so much like my home. Especially since Commissioned, when we camped out in the church for the weekend. I just love being in the house of worship. It’s quite peaceful and serene-I love it. I feel so at home and I never want to leave. 

Secondly, I get to spend those like 6 hours with some of my favorite people. Middle-schoolers and high-schoolers alike. I love my church family so much and I think that times like these are always good times and we laugh SO much and do many silly things. It always turns into a bonding session and we just seem to mesh really well. I’m also excited because normally it’s just like the high-schoolers doing this kind of stuff but this time the middle-school kids are helping too. This makes me really happy because since they will be there for the Community Group meetings with us high-schoolers, we should really be making effort to get to know them better. Even though they wont be in our smaller group, we’re hearing the same message and spending that time together. So this is a great opportunity to spend time with them, observe them and get to know them better. I feel that building relationships with them is extremely important and so I can’t wait. The car wash was also a great opportunity for that because we were working along side with each other and at one point I was on the hill holding signs with a middle-school girl and we were able to just talk and I could just listen to her tell me about her life. It was great. So I’m glad that I have that chance again. 

Third. I am glad that we get to serve some of the parents. It’s a good thing to see teens serving parents and it’s really encouraging to me to see that so many of the teens in my church my age want to serve the parents. It encourages me to want to do the same. I’m so thankful for the parents and the teens. 

And lastly, I’m happy because afterwards me and a few girls I haven’t talked to in a while are getting together. I miss two of the three so much because I haven’t seen them in what seems like forever and that makes me sad. I want to hear about their lives, school, family life, etc. 

Oh, and I’m glad because I’ll be back in church for the Sunday service about twelve hours after I leave the building!!! =] 

I also cannot wait to discuss chapters 9 & 10 with my Trusting God girls-I think all 5 (or 6, including Kristen) are going to be able to make it this time and that makes me smile. Even if we aren’t all there, it will still be good and I’m excited about that. =]


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