HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO. . . September 25, 2008

Filed under: Friends,God — beyondtheoutside @ 7:35 AM

Julie. My best friend is 15 today. So best friend, happy birthday. 

I feel so blessed to have a friend like her. We’ve seriously been through a lot of crap this year together, but our friendship lasted. I feel like if has lasted through these past two years, it can last through anything. The Lord is so kind to give her to me to be my best friend. In this past year, she has matured, grown in wisdom and learned to better care for people with compassion. The Lord has definitely been at work in her life, and for that I am so thankful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I cannot wait to see her today and give a big hug and wish her a happy birthday. I’m also thankful that the Lord has allowed History class to be cancelled, now I am going to get to spend more time at Julie’s on her birthday. Gah, the Lord’s kindness and love overwhelm me!


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