Silent Heroes, Screaming Lives October 25, 2008

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It’s a paper I wrote for English, but grew to love… The title still needs some work, as “screaming” is a negative word. Anyway, here it is…

                                         Silent Heroes, Screaming Lives



My description of a hero is being someone who thinks before they speak, is courageous, does not give into what everyone else is doing, and thinks of others above themselves.  A hero also does not seek recognition for the good deeds that they do; they are silent heroes.   My personal hero is actually not one person, but a big group of people from all over the world; though I do have the privilege of having a personal relationship with many people I call my heroes.  My heroes are all those who daily sacrifice their wants and needs to serve a bigger purpose: proclaiming the God deserves the glory for everything in their lives. These are everyday people; they are the ones in the school, the workplace and the grocery store. These are the people that do not give into the status quo-they fight the normal and do not give into peer pressure. While I do not get to meet everyone of my heroes, I do get to see some of them weekly. Some of my heroes are Julie and Christina Dubell and Jessica Preisinger. These young women that I admire are courageous and stand up strong convictions they hold, and they persevere under pressure.

            Julie Dubell is 15, my best friend and has always been there for me. I admire her desire to see growth in the personal relationship that she has with the Lord. She is never content with where she is spiritually. Julie wants to be continually conquering sin, and accordingly she is always looking for ways she can improve and grow more like Jesus. For example, when her family recently moved, she was not initially thrilled about the idea. Because she had lived in the home for 7 years, it was sad to leave.When they finally moved, she realized that her attitude about the move was not acceptable and she should trust that God has had her family move to the new neighborhood for a reason. She soon started looking for opportunities to show Christ’s love to people, through actions and words. When Kacey, a 13 year old neighborhood girl without many friends, started coming over to their house, Julie saw the opportunity to build a relationship with her and speak truth into her life. Kacey now comes to Julie with her problems, seeking advice. I admire Julie so much for stepping out, taking the time to talk to Kacey. Julie chose the hard thing, as she typically does, to do the hard thing and give up her time to be someone’s friend.

            Another hero of mine is Jessica Preisinger, or JP, one of the college aged girls in my church. Recently I have been getting to know her better and I am thankful for that. JP is such a role model in my life. When we have our girls’ nights and she is sharing about her life, I am always encouraged. JP is outstandingly humble and honest. She sees her sin and she is welcoming correction. I also wish to be more like JP because she is always seeking God’s desires over her own.  It is worthy of admiration how JP is quick to admit her faults, admit her downfalls but then praise the Lord for bringing her in and out of trials. I strive to be more like JP because I also want to become more humble, honest, welcoming of correction, and seeking the Lord’s will for my life over my own desires.

            Christina Dubell also plays a colossal role in my life. She is like a big sister to me, a good friend, and my spiritual mentor. I look up to Christina for numerous reasons. Christina is a passionate person and seeing that passion translate into her Christianity is encouraging. She is passionate about doing what the Lord would have for her life and listening for him. Because Christina is passionate, she also has incredibly strong convictions. I respect her boldness a lot. She is unwavering in her beliefs; if there is something that Christina believes is right or wrong, no one can convince her otherwise. She is also constantly in prayer and seeking the Lord for what she should do in seemingly every circumstance. Her care and compassion for people like me is also evident in her life. In today’s society, we are fast paced and Christina is willing to go against that and stop to care for others. Christina refuses to conform to the typical, rushing- through-life American way, and she will always stop whatever she is doing so that we can talk. It means a lot to me that she gives up her time to listen to what I have to say. When Christina and I finish talking, I always feel encouraged and uplifted. She constantly brings me back to the good news of Christ’s death and the redemption of my sin, tells me the things I don’t always want to hear, and looks at the positive side almost every situation. Christina has been my role model for a long time because of her passion, strong convictions, compassion and care, willingness to take time out of her busy schedule to listen, and her optimism.

            I look up to and attempt to emulate each of their lives in different ways. They are living the life that I wish I was living, and they are always encouraging and helping me to become more like Christ. One thing that all of these young women have in common is that none of them would look for people to applaud them or give them a pat on the back for the things that they do. They all are living their lives this way solely because it is what God has called them to do. They are my silent heroes, but –oh– their lives make a statement that is anything but quiet. I am thankful to the Lord that he has place each one of them into my life, and I hope and pray that they remain as active parts in my life for years to come.


5 Responses to “Silent Heroes, Screaming Lives”

  1. ~M Says:

    This is very encouraging to read!
    It makes me wish I could spend more time with all of you!

  2. beyondtheoutside Says:

    You were actually in the first draft of this paper, but I had six heroes and I was only allowed to have three, so I just picked the three youngest-you almost made the cut! You are still my hero, I just wasn’t allowed to put more than three… ❤

  3. Steve Says:

    Having read the first draft, I am pleased to read the more specific examples of individuals whose lives are worthy of emulation. For those of us who don’t know those mentioned very well, the descriptions give us a clearer picture of why it is we should heed the calling of their exemplary lives. It also gives greater encouragement to those individuals (Julie, Jessica, Christina) as they see what particular aspects of their lives you notice and attribute to God’s grace.

    Thanks for encouraging us by posting this!

  4. Jessica Says:

    Maggie, I love you and I want you to know what A blessing you are. Thank you for all your advice and mostly your desir eto serve me by listening to me ramble about such senseless things. 🙂 You also encouraged me without knowing it to start my own blog. Let the fun begin…..

  5. Christina Dubell Says:

    I just read your paper and was so moved by it. I love having you in my life and I am so grateful for our friendship! Thank you for all of the encouragement.

    Love always,
    Chris ❤

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