ALLERGIES November 12, 2008

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Oh, the dreaded time of year. I love fall and spring so much, but the crappy feelings are not welcomed. My head has so much pressure and if I bend over my head just KILLS. My eyes are just about to close-a little swollen but just so itchy and watery. I can just feel the congestion in my forehead. It’s not wonderful. I am not full out sick yet, which is great. I am not contagious, because it’s just allergies, so I can’t spread it. I’m getting through. It makes me a little tired too, but oh well. I’m getting all my school done and that is all that matters to me! Tomorrow I get to go to all my classes & I get to go to church for caregroup. Fun fun fun. Okay, well, back to Chemistry! =)



3 Responses to “ALLERGIES”

  1. ~M Says:

    I know the feeling.
    I’ve been enjoying meds lately.

  2. ~M Says:

    Did I tell you that the place I’m moving to (my friend’s house) has a cat? And I’m allergic to cats.

    My dr. wrote me a big ‘ol prescription.

    So, every day now. :o)

  3. Maggie Grant Says:

    Oh no, that is so not awesome!

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