Thankfulness November 23, 2008

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So, as everyone knows, thanksgiving is this week. It has been quite a. . .Well, crazy year-to say the least! Nonetheless, I have many many blessings. God has given me things I do not deserve and blessed me beyond my expectations. I don’t want to waste this week cramming in h/w or trying to relax because I FINALLY have a few days off school or cleaning for relatives or just being happy because we have good food. I want to make sure that this holiday, for me, remains what it’s purpose is. I’d like to say just 10 simple things that I am thankful for this year. First and foremost though, I have grown in appreciation for my salvation. I just wanted to add that. I can’t even put that on a list with anything else because nothing else compares. So just before I start my list, SALVATION goes first.

10. I am thankful for the new friends I have made this year. Maybe new friends isn’t the correct wordage-I meant that I am super thankful for the friends that I have already had, but that I have grown closer with. There are esp 3 that I have gotten to know really well and that makes me happy. Along with getting to know a few people better, there are people who I have grown closer with who I am thankful for because of the way that they have served me this past year. They know who they are and I am forever in debt to them : )

9. I am thankful for God given passions. God has placed a few certain passions in my heart. This past year has allowed those passions to develop. I have a passion for learning-it’s a passion that is a little strange with people my age. I just LOVE school. I thrive on learning. Though I can become a perfectionist because I love school so much, I am thankful that God has just been allowing me to continue my education. I am beyond thankful that when I am done high school that I can go to college. I can get my BA and Masters. Not everyone can do that, but God has blessed me and I can do that-I have a future to look forward.

8. I am thankful for growing up. A year ago, I would have said that I despise growing up. When I was little, life was so easy. Now, it’s-well, it’s not. But this past year I have been thankful for growing up. Honestly, I have noticed that God has matured me and I am thankful for that. I have learned to accept the fact that yes, I am getting older, but that it’s okay.

7. I am thankful for teachers. Mrs. Zubrowski, Mrs. Cockerham and Mrs. Biondo are the best teachers I’ve ever had. Mrs Zubrowski, one of my English teachers, has so much knowledge about English and writing. I really feel that she has improved my writing a ton and I’m glad she doesn’t grade easily! Mrs. Cockerham has so much insight on, well, everything! I have learned so much about the first three books of the Bible and the Hebrew culture and ancient history. I love history but hate ancient history and she has allowed me to learn to appreciate ancient history. For that, I am thankful. Mrs Biondo teaches my chemistry class and she’s so crazy and we all love her so much! I am gonna miss high school so much next year! Note: I love all my other teachers too!

6. I am thankful for music. God has music to speak to me often. Music has encouraged me a lot this past year and I can’t say how thankful I am for music.

5. I am thankful for my own room. A few months ago, for the first time, I got my own room! I have never ever had my own room and it is even better than I imagined. The peace and quiet is just what I needed with my tremendous amount of schoolwork I have this year.

4. I am thankful for cars and vehicles and any kind. I have recently started driving and I love it. I am just in love with driving. I have about 35ish hours so far and I love the power and control I have when I drive.

3. I am thankful for cameras and captured memories. I love to have the opprotunity to take pictures and never forget any fun moment. Looking back at all the pictures I have taken over the past year (which is between 2-5 thousand!), it makes me so thankful for cameras! And I just have such a joy when I get to take pictures.

2. I am thankful for books and words. I have a newfound love of reading. Since I have gotten glasses, I have started reading a lot more.  I just love books and I love learning new words. Geek fact about me: I get a daily e-mail from teaching me a new word. Like today, I learned the word escutcheon. It is a noun and it is a shield decoraged with a coat of arms. I’ve learned lots of different things and I love thinking about how words work and communication and… Well, my thoughts go off on a long bunny trial when I start thinking about words : )

1. I am thankful for the changing seasons. The season always seems to change at the right time-when I am beginning to get a little sick of it. I think it’s funny because I get kind of tired of a season and it changes. It’s great. I also love that no season is the same one year to the next. It might be really snowy, then no snow. Really hot summer, not so hot. short spring, long spring. I just love it. I’m so thankful that God made changing seasons.


Those are the first ten things that popped into my mind. How about you? What are you thankful for this year?


2 Responses to “Thankfulness”

  1. ~M Says:

    Hmmm, first ten things to pop in my mind… Now, I’m tired, busy, and should be putting together a briefing book.

    1. for my new puppies
    2. for my new living arrangements
    3. vacation planning
    4. christian at work
    5. coffee (see “tired” above)
    6. my crazy sister who makes me laugh
    7. my silly brother who makes me feel loved
    8. my hard working parents who don’t let up, but still extend grace
    9. my boss
    10. my brain — though not completely functional at any given time — I’m enjoying some work that others would find completely boring

  2. Thanks for mentioning you’re thankful for me. You’re so kind. I’m thankful for you, also, especially that you are so eager to learn and willing to take correction. Your writing has matured exponentially because of that.

    BTW, I also love to drive, love word, love having passions, and love the changing seasons.

    I’m also thankful for: (9 more):
    1. my teaching jobs
    2. laughter
    3. that all my children are walking w/ God
    4. high quality medical care
    5. hot cars
    6. forgiveness
    7. creativity
    8 soft skin, esp. Joel’s
    9. food to cook and eat (or eat w/o cooking) 🙂

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