Thankfulness. . .Again :) November 25, 2008

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So, I always have something to be thankful for, as do we all. 

This is a life update/thankfulness thing. 

Okay, last Wednesday I went to Essex community college to take the entrance exam for english. Because I am graduating early, I need to take two english classes in one years so I planned to take english with Mrs. Zubrowski and then take 1 semester at Essex comm college. Well, Wednesday, around 2pm, I walked into Essex. I expected to fill out a form, take the test, maybe sign up for a class, then leave. Well was I ever wrong! I went to the registration place, filled out two forms, then took that to records and registration. Filling out the forms in the first room was actually kind of fun because there were two girls in there. One of the girls was a little taller than me, she had short hair about my color. She was newer to the job, apparent by the fact that she kept asking the other girl what to do 🙂 The other girl was sitting at the computer doing her job. Well when I had filled out the forms and I was taking them back to the girl who was helping me, she was like “[co-workers name] says you remind her so much of me with your personality and everything.” It was funny because I had only been in there like 15 minutes but because I was dancing to the music that was playing as I walked back to the desk, I was told that I am like one of the girls. It was funny. Anyway, I was sent to records and registration and the person typed stuff into a computer, sent me to bursur to pay the $15 fee. My mom and I went to bursur, who told us that they saw no fee, and that I should go back to records and registration. Records and registration fixed the problem and sent me BACK to bursur. After paying the $15 fee at bursur (that was the application fee), I went upstairs and waited for about an hour to see an advisor. Finally my name was called and I went back into one of the little rooms. The lady looked at my forms and asked if I had taken the SAT’s yet. I informed her that I had not. She then asked if I had done orientation yet, a new requirement before taking the placement test. I told her again that I had not. She sent me to the computer room to take the orientation online. Basically I just clicked “next” about 5 times then took a little quiz asking me things like “what is the suggested amount of hours you should study per class hour?” If I got the answers wrong, they gave me a “hint”, the answer, then told me to take it again. I did this for all 6 sections, then printed out the paper that said that I had completed the orientation. This part was funny because I was in a room with about 50 computers and so when I clicked print, I looked around, trying to find the printers, but could not find them. Finally, I located the printer and walked over. Well, the printer prints stuff like at the top. Because the printed papers dont come out at the bottom like a normal printer, I was confused. I finally found out where the paper was printing to (after pressing “print” on my computer about 6 times!) and then a new problem came about. There are like 4 printers. Which printer did my paper print to?! I kinda looked around, feeling helpless and stupid. The girl at the computer next to the printer was printing nursing papers and I didn’t wanna go looking though her stuff to find my papers. Eventually I just looked through the papers anyway and I found mine. After locating my paper, I went back to the counselors room and I was sent back to a testing room to take the test. I took the reading comprehension and the writing part. There were 20 questions on each section and it was not timed. Well, I did fine on the first part, the writing. By the time I got to the reading comprehension section though, I was about to die. You see, I forgot my glasses. Yeah, I am stupid. I had been staring at a computer screen about 25-30 minutes now and my eyes were beginning to BURN! Since the test was not timed I took a minute or two to allow my eyes to recoup for the next section. The other people in the testing room probably thought I was really upset and crying or just plain crazy. Oh well. After finishing the test, I was so nervous. I waited while the computer calculated my score and what level I tested into. After what seemed like eternity, the page came up. I looked at the screen and it said ‘eng 101’ and ‘exempt from reading 051 and 052″ or something like that. I was so happy! It said “english: 116” and “Reading comprehension: 90” I had no idea what that score was out of-16 out of 300, 150, I had no idea. So I printed the page and then left the room. Walking out, the lady at the desk handed me what I had printed and congratulated me on passing. I went out to the waiting room and waited to meet with another advisor. By this time, it was about 5.30 and the place was not as crowded, so it only took about 30 minutes to get called back by an advisor this time.  This advisor was super nice and younger than the first advisor I had met with. She asked what term I was going to be taking classes. I told her spring of 09. My mom told her that she wanted to know about the winterms. The advisor lady said that the witerm would be a good idea for me. I explained that I am homeschooled so I can arrange my schedule so that I don’t have a lot of classes in January so I can work hard at this class. I told her I love english so I don’t mind being overloaded with it-to an extent. I also asked her with the 116 and 90 scores were out of. She told me that the highest possible score was 120. I was thrilled! I was happy not only because that was a good score with which I was content, but also because my older sister Emily had taken the test a few years ago and she scored perfectly-that was just my pride kicking in though-I didn’t want her to do a ton better than me 🙂  The advisor said that, because I had tested pretty well, she thought I should take the winterm. She informed me she was a little bit concerned only because this would be my first college class ever so it might be a bit of a shock and I might get a warped view of college, but that if I was up for the challenge, I should sign up for the class. She also told me that if I don’t like the class or it’s too much, I can pull out in the first two days or something. And if for some reason I don’t do well in the class, I can still sign up for the spring english after I take the english in the winter. My mom said she had to talk to one of my teachers and then she would decide what class I could take. The advisor said that is fine but that there are only 14 spots in the class and they fill up really quickly. After thanking the advisor, we finally went home. 

Fast forward to Sunday. I come home after being at a friends house on Thursday night, school friday, then having friends over friday night and spending the night at a friends again on Saturday night. I asked my mom if she had taken the form to Essex so I was all signed up. She informed me that she had not and I got a little paniced becuase I knew that there were not a lot of spots left. I checked online and I didn’t see the class. That meant the class had to be full. I began to get really angry and didn’t know what to do. I would either have to take the class in the evening, something I really did NOT want to do as I don’t do as well with school after 4 pm, I would have to go to Dundalk comm college to take the AM class, but that is 25 minutes further, or I would just have to wait and take the class in the spring. After talking with my parents we decided I would take the evening class, although they do not really like PEP (parallel enrollment students-getting HS and college credit) to take evening classes. Now we’re on Monday and I had been online checking the different options I had and making sure the PM class at Essex was still available. I also had to set up a student e-mail and username and all that fun stuff. In the afternoon my dad came with me and I drove over to Essex to sign up for the class. Unfortuneatly, new students cannot sign up online. I went to records and registration and got the same nice old lady that I got on Wednesday, not that she remembered me. I told her what I was signing up for, and after a little confusion since it said I was signed up for spring and I said I wanted winter, she said everything would be fine. I asked her if she could double check that the AM class was full, since that’s what I really wanted to get squeezed into. She checked on her computer and confirmed that it was full but told me that she was going to talk to her supervisor real quickly because they have two rooms on hold so that they can open more AM eng 101 classes for the winter, and she wanted to see if she could open one so I didn’t have to take the evening class. She came back rolling her eyes and shaking her head. I thought she was going to tell me he would not allow her to open the class. But, she informed me otherwise! She open the class just so I could get into it! I had the BIGGEST smile on my face   😀 So after registering for the AM class, I went to bursur to pay that fine (which isn’t bad at all since I am a PEP student and they give me half off!). They sent me to the bookstore so I could get my book for the class. The bookstore told me that I couldn’t get my book until the 8th though, so sometime in December I’ll have to check back to see if the book is in yet.

Anyway, I am super happy now because I will be taking the class for 2 hours and 40 minutes four times a week for one month. Jan 5-30 then I am done! The whole semester will be done in just 25 days 🙂 This means that feb-may will only consist of chem, eng (the one with Mrs Zubrowski), history, and maybe a little more Bible. That will be wonderful because this semester has been super stressful for me and it will be nice to have an easier school semester as I prepare for graduation, plans for next year, possible summer job, etc.

All that was just to say that I am thankful. When I found out that the class was full at first, I was angry and had a bad attitude. I was blessed to have the woman open that class for me. I did not deserve to have that and did not expect that blessing. I thank God for the nice woman at registration and for the break it seems that I will have next semester. 🙂 What a great time to be seeing all these blessings-Thanksgiving week 🙂 



Just FYI, I did not go back through this to edit grammar or spelling, sorry about that!



One Response to “Thankfulness. . .Again :)”

  1. Maggie, I am so thrilled at what God has done for you. I was choking up while reading this testimony. Wow, a 116 out of 120. Fantastic! Your reaction (comparing your score to your older, brainy sister reminds me of my own –way back when). You’ll adjust just fine to college. I’m sure you’ll adjust BETTER than some people, as a matter of fact, because you are so accustomed to pacing yourself, asking for help when you need it, and–of course–because your writing skill is superb. (Editing aside.) Woohoo!

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