Family, Family, Family! November 27, 2008

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I have two new cousins. . .Well, sorta. 

My cousin Amy is gonna be induced tonight! Her due date isn’t until the 6th of December, but this baby is HUGE, so she is going to deliver tonight. This will be Amy and Christopher’s first kid. Good luck, Amy! And congrats, Chris! 

My other cousin, Luke, got engaged today!!! Congrats, Luke! His fiancé’s name is Kristi. I have never met her, but I am sure that she is nice!

And Megan, Amy’s sister, also just had her second kid, Ethan James(?). So, while I am congratulating cousins, congrats Megan and Doug! 🙂  

I am excited about all the changes with my family and how it is growing so quickly! Can’t wait to see who’s engaged/having a kid next! 😀



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