My baby brother. November 30, 2008

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Last night Jesse, who’s 5, hung out with me. Jonathan, Jesse and I were home at first, then Jonathan went to a friends house. So that left only Jesse and me. I have never had so much fun babysitting. Since he and I are never home alone just us two, we had a blast. Jesse and I are 11 years apart-whoa, I honestly have never realized that until right now. Wow. Anyway, because we are so far apart, we don’t do a lot together. Every once in a while, Jesse will come into my room and talk about a movie he watched or he will kick a soccer ball in my room while I do my school. Usually I am busy, so I kinda pay attention, but I’m typically focused mostly on something else. But last night, I set all else aside, and just paid attention to him. I am so thankful that I did. 

First, I asked Jesse what he wanted to do. Well, he was in the middle of finishing some Disney Channel show, which had five minutes left, so I let him finish. After the show was over, we had dinner (leftovers from Thanksgiving :] ). When we finished eating, Charlie Brown Christmas was on TV, so we watched a little bit of that, until he got bored of course. We had a dessert of a half a donut and popcorn. Following dessert, we got the laptop out, went to , and we sung and danced for a while. It was surprisingly fun. We sang “so what” by Pink and then we watched some videos by the Praise Warriors, his friends rap group. Dancing and singing was my highlight of the night.

He also told me about a friend he made while he was at Jonathan’s soccer game earlier. This made me laugh SO hard! He told me that they were both playing on the playground so Jesse told the kid his name, and the kid told Jesse his name. Well Jesse, who has terrible hearing, thought the kid said his name was “Homie.” When my mom asked Jesse his name, Jesse said “homie.” When Jesse went to the bathroom, my mom heard him say, “I’ll be right back, Homie!” How funny. Before leaving, my mom asked the kid his name. His name was “Tony.” Jesse cracks me up 🙂 When Jesse was telling me that story, I was laughing the whole time. 

When Jesse and I were tired out from, singing, dancing, and laughing, it was time to give him a bath. I gave him a quick bath, let him watch one more video on youtube, then set him up in my bed. When Will, who he shares a room with, isn’t home, Jesse is scared to sleep alone, so I let him sleep in my bed. When he fell asleep, I carried him into his own bed. 

That night was a lot of fun and I want to make more of an effort to hang out with him 1 on 1, though it is hard with 7 kids in the family, 5 living at home. Hopefully when I get my license, I can let him tag along sometimes so that we can just spend some more time together.  

Anyway, I love Jesse.



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