Dr.’s x 7! December 10, 2008

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What a week!

Okay, so Monday morning I got really sick. I had a fever, I was throwing up and I had really really terrible pain in my stomach. I was screaming and crying and it was bad. When my mom came home from the doctor and found me in this state, she called the doctor who told me to come in. The doctor was a little worried that the pain could be my appendix, so she wanted me to come in to make sure I am okay. I went to the doctro around 2.30 and she was a little worried. She wanted me to get some tests done (blood work, ultra sounds, etc) to see what is causing me this pain. I had another appointment for January with something else that is wrong with my stomach but now because of this she wanted me to be seen earlier, so she called my other doctor and told her to see me this week. This week has been so full of doctor appointments, it’s crazy!  Check out this week:
Monday: Sick all day then doctor around 2.30 I went to get blood work done after the doctor, but the place was closed.
Tuesday: Dr.  at 2, blood work at 3.30
Wednesday: Doctor at 3.15, pharmacy to get medicine, doctor at 6pm
Thursday: Thursday is just babysitting my siblings, then babysitting for a family in the church 5.30-9.
Friday: Dentist at 11.30am
Friends coming over for dinner and a movie, should be fun!
Saturday: Doctors appointment at 9.15am.
Sunday: Church, church play later that night again.
Monday: I am getting two ultra sounds at 8.30am, so I have to get up at 6.30 am and in one hour I must drink 24oz of water and not pee until after I get the test done. I also have to eat a fat free dinner on Sunday and no food after 8.30 that night.
Tuesday: Dr. appt at 2pm

Luckily I am pretty much done school for this semester, so if I am gonna get sick, now is the time! Although this has been painful and not at all fun, I am very thankful that the Lord has provided me with Dr. Appts. Things we had been waiting 2 months to get appointments for, I got scheduled for the next day! The appointment I was supposed to go to in January and I had scheduled all the way back in October, I got that appt. bumped up to today. That was a wonderful blessing. I hope and pray that the tests will show the doctors what is bringing me this pain and that we can affectively do things to remove the pain. Until then, my stomach sorta just feels on fire. The pain is getting less and less each day, but it is not fun. Anyway, I’d love the prayers. 🙂


2 Responses to “Dr.’s x 7!”

  1. janetboylan Says:

    Has anyone said anything about Krohnes (sp?) Disease? My mom has it and it sounds like you have the same symptoms… We will be praying.

  2. notwsetapart Says:

    I’ll be praying bf!

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