My Christmas Spirit (Er, lackthereof) December 15, 2008

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This will most likely be a really hard to follow post, just as a warning.

Um, so for the past 2-3 years I have had a dislike of Christmas. I cannot stand Christmas. The plays, music, gifts, trees, lights, events, clothing, everything. I really don’t like anything that is Christmasy. To be a jerk this year I took some garland that we had and I put it up all around my door-three different kinds of garland! The other day my mom was like “your door looks so festive!” I replied saying, “mom, I did that only because it’s funny since I hate Christmas.” She got upset because she hates that I hate Christmas. This year my goal is to figure out the “why” of this Christmas issue I have. I really do not like Christmas at all and I really don’t even want to celebrate it, but I will.
Well, here is what I have come up with:
1) The whole season is too long and drawn out. I mean, if Christmas and the hustle and lights and music were for a week tops, I’d be okay with that. But no, Christmas is at least a month every year!
2) I don’t like that the only music I can hear on a Christian station is Christmas music. I really do like Christian music, but almost all of December is filled with me listening to secular music. Music has such and impact on my mood and my attitude and everything that listening to Christian music really is a must for me. I do have a few Cd’s, but I like the variety that I get from listening to the radio. Anyway, point: I hate Christmas music and I have two choices during December: Christmas or Secular.
3) Christmas makes me sad. I tend to get really depressed because everyone gets sucked in. I have really been trying to figure how to say what I am thinking without sounding completely and utterly cliche, especially if Mrs. Zubrowsk  is reading 😉 Okay, well because I can’t come up with anything original, I will use the phrase “the reason for the season.” I really wish that the purpose and “meaning” of Christmas was portrayed in people’s lives more clearly. During Christmas I feel that most all people, Christians totally included, just get so distracted. Even when we go to church for the plays or the services, I feel that nobody is really savoring this time and really reflecting on the “true meaning” of Christmas. It makes me really sad when I see people sad at Christmas (makes a lot of sense, right?). When I see people just like running around like chickens with their heads cut off or being so depressed because they can’t be with their family or their family is a mess so they cannot all be together for the holidays. I wish that people really got it. I wish that Christmas wasn’t about being happy and wasn’t about being nice and giving and spending time with family. While all those things are nice, they’re only like subtopics. The reason behind all of those things is so much greater. How can people say they are celebrating Christmas or singing “Silent night” when they don’t even know what the meaning or purpose or story is. Little kids know all about St. Valentine, yet the know nothing about Christmas. 3 year old children could draw a picture of Santa but have never heard Jesus’ name? All of this makes me a little angry but mostly sad for these people. I go out to stores and the people wont even say Merry Christmas to me, even if  I dare say it to them. I’ll get “happy holidays” or see “seasons greetings” signs, but no Merry Christmas. I mean, come on, the holiday IS Christmas, if they didn’t forget. I really wish that Christmas was celebrated the way it should be. If the holiday were not such a big deal in society, I would vouch to celebrate it in a different way, or not at all. It is nearly impossible to not celebrate Christmas though. . .Especially when you live in a family and you don’t decide how Christmas will go. *sigh* I really love the story of what Christmas is and I love that Jesus came to earth, from heaven *see following post* It makes me sad taht no one seems to thinking about that at all during Christmas time. I miss being little and not caring or noticing. By the way again, I think that some people aren’t this way, but I say all only because it seems to me that it’s the majority of the USA population.
Well, that is about all that I have come up with for now. I might come up with other reasons, but we’ll see.
I really still don’t like Christmas. It will take some big steps to change my opinion.



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