God’s goodness to me. January 5, 2009

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Wow. God is too good to me.
So this morning I was out of the house by 8 am. This was especially hard today because I have been sleeping in real late on Christmas break. Anyway, I headed over to the college to do a drop/add from the AM to the PM eng class and get my books/student ID (which they dont print until next wk, so I have to wait on that one). Long story short, it looked like I was gonna be able to get into the other english class that was in the AM, what I originally wanted, but there was only one spot left and Jonathan and I both needed to get into that class 😦 So, I just switched to the PM one. Anyway, I was a little frustrated and I felt like on the way to the college I was like “thank you God, you opened that class!” because I had seen online that the AM class was opened. On the way home though, I felt like God was asking if I was still going to be thankful and have a happy heart, trusting that He put me in the PM class for a reason. I had a choice and I really thought about it. My emotions said that I was not going to be happy about it, but I know that my emotions do not control me and I know that I have the choice of if I will trust or not. I chose in the moment to trust God-Praise God for that! I also was blessed by the Lord because when I was in the bookstore I ran into the professor that I would have had to have teach my class if I was in the class I was signed up for-lets just say I can understand why he has such terrible reviews-that man needs prayer! So I was really blessed today. Then on the way home I was saying to my mom that maybe I will just try to get a job at Essex next semester since I will be taking fulltime classes and I also need a job. If I were to do that I could just get a summer job then like stop it when school starts then start a job at school. She said it seemed like a good idea then asked me if I had talked to the Twinings, the owners of Beachmont Christian Camp and I told her that I hadn’t, but I really need to. Well, guess who I got a call from about 5 minutes ago? The Twinings! Mr Paul called me up and asked me if I was still planning on graduating this May and if I would like the job of the Arts and Crafts person at camp! I was ecstatic! I said of course I would and he told me it was ten weeks and I already have those open since I was planning on working anways and he told me that Jen, the office woman, would send me the application and when he gets home (he’s down south planning for camp stuff) then he will call me so we can set up and in person interview! I AM SO HAPPY!!! The job is AMAZING, I LOVE Beachmont. I was JUST talking about a summer job. My mom JUST reminded me about talking to the Twinings and God just tested me, asking if I was going to trust Him. God is SO good to me!!! I’m so excited about my life right now.

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One Response to “God’s goodness to me.”

  1. ~M Says:

    Yay! for the summer job! Did you know that I was the Arts & Science Coordinator for 5 years (year round) at a Boys & Girls Club… :o)

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