Chemistry & God January 16, 2009

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First of all, I have the feeling that by the time you are done reading this I will have the label “geek,” if I don’t already. I’m pretty much a self-professed school lover (or, geek), and I can’t help it. God made me that way 🙂
I love chemistry. Chemistry is probably my all time favorite school subject. There are a few reasons I like Chemistry.
1) I loved algebra but hate geometry. When i started geo this year, I was sad because I wanted to do algebra more! Chemistry has that factor of algebra to it, so I’m getting my math fix.
2) I love chemistry because I’ve pretty much always loved science, but when I took biology I HATED it. The entire year of biology was terrrrrrible. I am glad to enjoy science again.
3) I am learning so much about things I care about! So much of biology was about animals and things you can’t see and wont use in life. When taking chemistry however I am learning about light and electricity and speed and so many things! It’s wonderful. I feel that in taking Chemistry I am learning so many practical things.
4) Chemistry puts me in an awe of God and His amazing handiwork He has done in the world. Today I read 15 pages in my chemistry textbook and I plan to read 15 more. Typically I only read 5 pages a day. I just love it too much to put it down. In the current module I am reading, I am learning about light. Well actually I am learning about atoms, but they said I have to learn about lights to understand it or something. Multiple times the author has said that even scientists do not fully understand light or electricity or atoms and all of that. I am amazed. I love that no one can understand it and I hope no one ever does. Knowing that God can create things so minuscule that we cannot even see it, yet it is what makes up the world, that makes me smile 🙂 God’s so awesome that He can do that. The way He made the Ozone layer to keep out a lot of ultra-violet sun rays that can kill me, how gracious! I can go outside in the summer and enjoy the heat and warmth without having to worry that I will die from the sunrays. Yes, I should use sunscreen or something to protect me from the rays that are in the air, but even so, God allowed humans to learn enough about the UV rays that they could create a product to protect me from the harmful rays. How kind of God.
Those are the reasons I love Chemistry. Now I am going to go read a bunch more Chemistry!
Oh, and by the way-don’t mistake me! I would not want to study chemistry. I like the basic math (well, sorta basic, some of the math is kinda hard) that the level I am at involves. Studying Chemistry in college would not be my idea of fun. I am still planning on sticking with psychology, though I am sure I will enjoy my basic college chemistry class 🙂
*Edit after finishing module*
At the end of the chapter were these two quotes. How thankful I am to have a curriculum that is not only written by a Christian author, but even written for homeschool students, made especially so that I can teach myself with little help from outside sources 🙂
“Calculations indicate that if the mass difference between the neutron and the protron were changed by as little as 0.2%, all neutrons would spontaneously decay into protons, and the only atom in the universe would be 1H. If that were the case, no life could exist in the universe!”-Dr. Wile, Exploring Creation with Chemistry
“As I have pointed out before, there are many such incredible “coincidences” in nature. There are so many that I find it impossible for anyone who really understands physics or chemistry to believe that all this we are studying just came about by chance! The universe is too perfectly designed for that. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, incredible design features abound in our universe. These design features are the fingerprints of God, making who objectively study the universe aware of His existence.” -Dr. Wile, Exploring Creation with Chemistry


3 Responses to “Chemistry & God”

  1. Megan Says:

    Maggie’s a geek.

  2. Steve Says:

    Great post. I love reading about this kind of stuff as well. I remember reading in a book called What’s So Great About Christianity the scientific portion of the author’s defense for Christianity. As I read about world-renowned atheist scientists like Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, it was amazing how many hoops they jumped through to try to avoid the existence of God. One scientist even had a whole theory about multiple/parallel universes with black holes and such (and this wasn’t just some nutcase, he was a respected scientist). Most atheist scientists are even amazed by how our universe is so uniquely and distinctly positioned to support life:

    “this is fine-tuning that seems to be extreme, far beyond what you could imagine just having to accept as a mere accident.” – Steven Weinberg, atheist

    “The universe in some sense knew we were coming.” -Freeman Dyson, atheist

    Yet somehow they don’t make the connection to a creator. I guess that just goes to show the blindness of the human heart outside of God’s intervention.

    You might enjoy this article (there was another one I was thinking of that delved a little more into some fascinating scientific tidbits about how our universe sustains life and how that points to God, but I can’t find it now).

  3. Allison Kelly Says:

    I just had to comment after reading your post. First of all, that is a GREAT chemistry textbook. I totally agree. It’s what got me hooked on chemistry in the first place. I went around telling anyone who would listening everything I was learning and explaining what I thought about it.
    My college chem professor explained chemistry has looking at the microscopic world to understand what we see in the macroscopic world. Little tiny bits and pieces called atoms controll what we see and feel in everyday life. How cool is that!?!?!?!
    So here I am a Chemistry major in college, trying to see those fingerprints of God and hoping that I can learn to point them out to others. It’s cool to hear someone else thinks is fascinating too.

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