One Versus Two January 30, 2009

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Honestly, hardly any of this is true. It is a little true in parts, but most of it was made up. Why? It made for a good paper and she wanted orginal topics for our compare and contrast papers. I know it has a few errors, but oh well 🙂



Maggie Grant


ENGL 101

Professor Kambui


                                    One Versus Two

            While only about 2 in 35 kids are twins, I have the rare opportunity to be a twin. Most of my friends however, are not twins. None of my siblings are twins, so I have seen the differences between being a single child and a twin. Though there are some positive aspects of being a twin, overall, being a twin can tend to steal your identity and cause you to feel that you must measure up to your twin. Single children have it better off because they had a point in time where they were an infant and the family focused mostly on them and they have more individuality. A common misconception is that twins are best friends and everyone loves being a twin. This is why most kids wish they had a twin, but that is not the case. Being a twin is not as fun or exciting as most single children think; being a single child has more advantages than being a twin.

            Being a twin, I have always felt compared to my twin by family and friends. Single children do not have a sibling their exact age who is in the exact same stage of life their whole childhood. Whether it was getting better grades, being more sporty or artistic, or better looking, I have always felt that I had to be better than my twin, Jonathan, so that I would be seen as better than him by our friends, siblings, and parents. I have always felt that I had to be superior to my twin or people would like him more than me. That has impacted my life in negative ways, making my self-confidence especially low at times. This disadvantage is one that I would have to face much less if I had been born a single child.

            Another problem that would not have to be present if I did not have a twin is that we would not share friends. While sharing friends could be a good thing for some people, Jonathan and I are so different that sharing friends does not work. Trying to have the same group of friends is utterly hopeless because we have minimal common interests. Sometimes my friends will tell me that Jonathan has been talking badly about me and telling lies about my life. The other issue with sharing friends is that he can begin to like my girlfriends and I can begin to like his guy friends. This makes having my friends over to my house difficult. Single children, however, do not typically have to struggle with sharing their friends because they are always at least a year apart from their siblings. People without a twin also have more individuality; they can be who they want to be with their friends, not worrying about what their twin is saying about them or doing with their friends when they are not around.

            Single children also have the advantage over twins because they have more of a personal identity because they are known as their personal selves. Twins however, are known as “the twins” or called “Jonathan and Maggie,” never just their name only. Single children have individual birthday parties, while twins have to share their birthday parties, as well as gifts. Twins must share everything and are expected to like the same things. When people are constantly asking if you are twins and asking questions about being a twin, it can begin to feel that being a twin is what you are known for and liked for. Single children on the other hand can stand out for their talents, not their peculiarity because of being a twin. Single children can play sports and not worry about having to try to get on a different team than their twin. Single children also do not have to worry about getting better grades than their twin, which is a common struggle for someone with a twin.

            Though there may be some advantages to being a twin, although unknown to me, they are far outweighed by the disadvantages of being a twin. Single children have more opportunities as an individual, and twins are bound together by their twin, or so-called other half.  Fortunately, there are more single children than twins. I am thankful that not a large percentage of people have to face the same challenges everyday that I do. Single children are lucky that their mother one had one kid during her pregnancy.


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