Expectations February 3, 2009

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I promised I would post about expectations this week. I want to fulfill my promise. Because my thoughts are not fully developed in my head, this will be a scattered-thought post. With my church’s youth retreat coming up in a month and lots of other exciting things and opportunities coming up and passed, I have been thinking about the topic of expectancy. 

Recently I have been realizing that I do not expect God to do amazing things. I do not have because I do not ask. I am afraid God will say no to me or that God will not act how I think He will act. I am afraid God will let me down the same way humans have let me down. I typically don’t expect much from humans so that I wont be let down. I know that is faulty thinking, and I am working on that. Now though, as exciting things have been happening in my life, I am pretty  much ready to start asking God for things. I’m ready to go into church expecting to meet with God, expecting conviction, expecting things of the such. I’m ready to go to my Youth Retreat expecting youth to be saved, renewed, changed. I am ready to pray before each session, excited to meet with God! I am ready to go into Drivers Ed expecting God to use me. I am ready to be expectant. God isn’t human, he will not let me down. If I ask, he will deliver. I’m no longer scared or in fear. God’s awesome, He will do awesome things in my life if I ask him to; he will do amazing things if I expect him to, as I should.

So my prayer has been this:
You know my remorse for sining against you. You are holy and I am not. I’m so thankful for that. I apologize for  not expecting you to do great things in me and through me. I pray now though that you would give me faith and hope. I want to come to you expecting to meet with you, and expecting you to tell me how you want to use me and what you ask of me. I know you will do great things in my life and I can’t wait! I’m so happy, and I thank you Lord for reminding me of your awesomeness 🙂 
In Jesus name,



One Response to “Expectations”

  1. ~M Says:

    I think you would like the book I just finished (Quest for More).

    It talks about how we shrink our lives to fit our lives. I know — that doesn’t make much sense. But, essentially, we put God in a box. We live for ourselves, not for Him.

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