Quote February 6, 2009

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My friends church is going through a super hard time. As she was e-mailing me about it, she said something that impacted me so greatly. I wanted to share it with everyone. When she says “we,” she is referring to her churches congregation, not my church. This was encouraging to me not really with church necessarily, but more so with just life. I can’t give up, I cannot quite. I gotta work through the hard things to see the fruit of them. This applies to my friendships, classes, and every part of my life, church included.

“Well I really dont know why, but its obvious that we have issues and they don’t feel like sticking around to deal with them.
So, overall, I’m not about to give up on the church.  And I’m not about to quit on the church either. It may be true that you don’t really get ‘fed’ very well when the church is going through hard times, but we can’t focus on ourselves. From my perspective, we can’t just run as soon as things get hard, we need to work thru the problems so they can make us stronger. I have seen this period as one of pruning, where God is trimming off the old dead branches, so that we can be healthy and produce more fruit for Him. ”
Thank you, friend


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