Sisters, switching places. February 6, 2009

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It is obvious that I’d been doing a lot of thinking. I just can’t help it, it’s who I am and how God made me-so if you have any issues, take it up with the Big Man. With that said, I have another thought to share.

Today as I did the dishes and drove all over baltimore county (2 7-11’s, thrift store, macys, bed bath & beyond, mall, target, meeting with Drivers Ed lady, and office depot), I was thinking about how things have been switched around. Yesterday I was thinking about how thankful I am and how interesting it is that I am a middle child. Not only am I the middle child of the family, I am the middle girl. I have an older sister and a younger sister. This makes this really interesting. I don’t really remember much of my little childhood, especially under the age of about 8 or so, but I do remember the past 6ish years pretty well. I remember how I felt being Mary’s age. I remember when Emily was my age. Now Emily and I are 4 years apart and Mary and I are 6 years apart, so there is a little difference, but still very much the same. Anyways, I remember when Emily loaded dishes and I unloaded. Now, I load and Mary unloads. I remember staying home when Emily went out driving. Now, I’m driving while Mary’s stuck home. I remember Emily going places every weekend while I was too young to do much on weekends. Now, I am out every weekend while Mary sits home play computer games and making crafts. I remember Emily having friends over weekly while I hardly had friends over. Now, I have friends over just about every week and Mary doesn’t have friends over as often as I do. I remember Emily having her own room, while I had to share with Mary. Now, I have my own room! Mary has her own room as well though, because she has no younger sister to share with. But even still, I remember when Emily was in the room I am currently in. I remember Emily taking her drivers test-all three times. Now I’m the one getting ready to do that. I remember driving Emily to and from drivers ed everyday. I remember Emily deciding which college to go to. Now, that’s my choice. I remember Emily graduating highschool-Secretly, I cried during that ceremony. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ll admit it now. Now, it’s my turn to graduate. I wonder if Mary cares?
I also just love the fact that I am the middle sister. It gives me so much insight. For a long time I was hurt by the way my older sister treated me. I don’t want to go into it, but the way she acted towards me was not right. I remember being so sad about that, and having the lasting affects for years. Now, I can see why she acted that way and how I got on her nerves and how she probably had so much other crap going on in her life that was stressing her out that I didnt even know about in the least. It’s all starting to make sense. Being the middle child helps me from doing the same things to Mary that Emily did to me. It’s when she knocks on my door and asks to borrow something-I remember doing that exact same thing to Emily. I have a choice-do I want to let her in or not? I’m so thankful I’m a middle child.


One Response to “Sisters, switching places.”

  1. Otto Mann Says:

    i will cry when you graduate.

    i don’t know why.

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