2, er 3, things :) February 13, 2009

Two quickish things, that I would love to talk about forever. Unfortunately, time does not permit. I have gotten a LOT done so far today, but I still have a TON left to do before drivers ed at 5. . .How awful, spending 3 hours of my Friday night sitting in a classroom! At least two of my fav’s are coming over when I get home πŸ™‚ I love them.

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked (as my mind has been all day, gr).
1) This week was so incredibly challenging and hard. Actually, the week started out pretty well, but by Wednesday night, it was worse than ever. But a few of the Dubell family Β were praying with me and encouraging me and trying to comfort me through this scary, hard situation. Well they kept saying that this is for a greater good, a bigger purpose than what I see. They proceeded to tell me how great God is and point out all the things leading up to the situation that were all “God things.” As I was thinking over the prayer they prayed and the words they spoke to me, I was thinking about how great God is. I mean, really. I think that I have a little bit of a new perspective. I am realizing that if everything went smoothly, I wouldn’t have noticed all of those things that God had set up previous to this outburst situation. I now realize that, but I wouldn’t have if He didn’t put this trial in my path and ordained the Dubell members to be so close to me that they will speak truth into my life (no matter what time it may be…). I am realizing that if God made things work out in life keeping everything calm and happy, that I wouldn’t be surprised or in awe of how amazing His works are. When God gets glorified because of these big trials and brings people to Himself through these hard times and when He encourages me and others through difficult times when people are struggling, that is amazzzzing. I am in awe of how He takes seemingly disastrous situations, but turns them around for good, and allows people to point out the good that He has brought through that situation. I’m just thankful. No, not thankful for the situation (though I’m working on getting there), but I am thankful for God bringing good out of “bad.” I’m thankful for trials in general because they bring me back to Him, make me make choices of who I will trust and what I am putting my hope in, and the put me back on my knees in awe of Him, as I should be. Okay, that was a little longer than planned, but oh well. Everything is for HIS GLORY and OUR GOOD.

2) Crap, now I forget! Gr. I came up with something else until I remember. I love card making. I have to do a speech for highschool, a speech that dementrates something, so I am going to give a speech (or record me giving a speech and put it on youtube or something) about making cards. I made some Valentines cards today. I think I made 4 if I’m correct. I’ll totally post pictures, but I want the people to recieve the cards before posting the pictures because all 3 of the people I made cards for read my blog-I dont want them to see the card on here before they get it! Anyway, I just wanted to say I love making cards because I get to make a mess, then organize stuff when I’m done. I get to go from a few pieces of paper and stickers, to a beautiful card! And I love getting creative! I usually try to print a picture or something then I will look at it for about 5 minutes, then put it out of sight and recreate the card. It hardly ever looks like the orginal because I changed colors or patterns, didn’t have the same supplies, or wanted to make it personal for the person. Anyway, I’ll post the pictures of the cards and the original pictures I copied off of after the people recieve the cards.

3) Oh, I remember what 2 was supposed to be…but now it will just be point three. I have to write a research paper for English. 6-8 pages. I was going to write about Nannying and the pyschological affects it has on kids development, but after reasearching, there just wasn’t enough information to support my point. I switched my topic to Chemistry. I’m not 100% sure what my narrowed topic will be yet (possibly Madame Curie), but I’m so excited. I decided early this week that I would love to minor in Chemistry. I’m just about sure that I’m supposed to major in Pysch, but I am gonna pray and think about minoring in Chem. I just love it so much, and I really have a passion for it. I could, and HAVE, do chemistry all day. I am just so interested in it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m super excited about this paper now πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “2, er 3, things :)”

  1. ~M Says:

    I’m praying for you my friend.

    I don’t have “Trusting God” before me, but maybe it would help to review some of what you marked up in the book this summer?

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