Reading. . . February 16, 2009

Just an update on what I am currently reading.

Velvet Elvis-Rob Bell. I have heard VERY mixed reviews on this from friends, church members, and read many reviews online. I decided to check it out for myself. I’m only on the second chapter, so I will not judge it yet.

Blue like Jazz-Donald Miller. This book also has been talked about a lot. I am half way done this book. I was at someones house, picked it up, and did not put it down for three hours. It’s very interesting and has a different perspective than I have ever heard. So far the guy is a little out there on some of his points, but he has some good insight on things. There are some things I have known forever, but he says them in a fresh, new way. I am getting this book from the library Tuesday so I can read the second half. Oh, but i hate Donald Millers writing style. Oh, it’s killer for me. He has very long sentences, something I hate, pointless things (like that the tickets to the play he saw were expensive-not important!), and his points are not clearly defined. He also speaks in past tense, so at times I’m left wondering “do you still believe that, or DID you believe that but now you have changed your views?” But oh well, I just have to adjust to his style.

The Discipline of Grace-Jerry Bridges. This is a book I have read before and I am reading it as part of my new years resolution. It’s much better the second time around and its a good refresher on things I can never hear too often.

Romeo and Juliet-William Shakespear. I’m reading this ONLY for school. I hate ancient literature-or really most things written before like 1940ish. I just can’t stand it. It’s boring and redundant in my opinion. At least it’s a quicker read and the notes at the bottom of each page are helpful. I wound never read Romeo and Juliet in my free time.

The Other Side of Darkness-Melody Carlson. This is what the website gives as the plot or whatever.

“As a wife and mother, Ruth knows her prayers are crucial to her family spiritual welfare. She stands between her precious child and the evil one, doing battle in prayer. She can’t afford to be careless.

But the forces that threaten Ruth’s faith, her family—her very life—are not the ones she expects. Ruth doesn’t realize that her heartfelt desire to obey God is mingled with dangerous currents of OCD—Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her own strategies for protecting her family may be the very thing that tears them apart.”
It’s an interesting book and I can’t even tell you how…interesting…I find this book for a variety of reasons. I am reading it because i love Melody Carlson and will read anything I can get my hands on that is written by her. Two of my top favorite books are written by her.

So that’s what I’ve been reading. I am glad I only set up to read 7 books this year because with school and all, it gives me the freedom to also read books I’d like to read, or that I discover or I am recomended (like The Other Side of Darkness, Velvet Elvis, and Blue like Jazz). Anyway, back to school for the rest of the day (minus a 1 hour break for 24 of course 😉 )


2 Responses to “Reading. . .”

  1. jpreis1 Says:

    You know I have all the top two books. Skip the library and borrow mine. 🙂

  2. zoanna Says:

    I couldn’t remember why I wasn’t thrilled w/ Blue Like Jazz. You’ve helped me remember. The writing style that includes long, meandering, and –at times–pointless trivial details. I found some of his approach to evangelism to be compromising (hanging out in bars to be where the Christless are) instead of exemplary. Nonetheless, he had some decent points.

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