Stand Up-Superchick February 28, 2009

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I just heard this song for the first time.
Stand Up-Superchick

Another thing I have been thinking about a ton this week is just about making a difference. About my life being different. I’ve been thinking about what my actions reflect. This song challenged me.
Livin’ in this nightmare
Destroyin’ my dreams
Hauntin’ to myself
What regret keeps hunting me
But can I change my ways
Of counting the days
That keep on fadin’ away
I keep losing today
When it’s gone
And the hourglass falls
Will I have more than regret to show for it all?
Or will I wake up and start living my dreams
Instead of lettin’ this nightmare take control of me

Live today through the future’s lens
Don’t wanna wish you could rewind and play it again
(I like this line. It’s talkinga bout living today, but also thinking about the future. Finding that balance is exteremly difficult. My tendency is to either focus on the future too much so that I’m not making use of what I have right now, or I’m living for today so much that I’m failing to think about how my actions will affect the future)

Stand up write the soundtrack for your life
It doesn’t happen to you,you happen to life
Stand up, do something with your life
It doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life
(This is true to an extent. I cannot sit around and just let me life pass me by. The great people in history didn’t accomplish things by waiting for life to happen to them. They were brave, they made hard choices. THEY happened to life.)

You’re bored, gotta wonder if there’s more
Waiting for the dream life you thought you had in store.
Trying to feel something you can chase a life that’s thrilla
Living on the edge drinking smoking dream killers.
Couldabeen shouldabeen wouldabeen..
what might your life have been
Today you’re not a has-been, but at your life’s end
will you have regrets then? i have regrets then.
Are you ok with today if tomorrow is the end?
(This line in red is the main reason I love this song. I wrote this on my hand today. Am I okay if life ends tomorrow? What am I leaving behind? What statement have I made? It’s a sobering thought.)

We’re all scared, gotta wonder what’s out there,
Shooting down the ones who did what we wish we dared
Everybody’s scared to Karaoke in the open
Afraid we’re not as special as what we might be hoping so we’re frozen haven’t chosen
just going through the motions
Faith and belief, courage overrule emotions
Stand up and be counted for something when it’s time
Decide where you stand, take your hands raise em high
(I think you would love these lyrics too. Faith and belief, courage-they overrule emotions! So often I don’t let them overrule emotions, but they must must must!!! I want to be counted for something. Well, not that I wanted to be counted for something, but I want JESUS to be counted for something via my life. I must pick a ground-what will I stand up for, support, love? I want to make that choice and then be all for it-dive in and leave all fears behind)

Live today through the futures lens
Don’t wanna wish you could reset and play it again

Stand up write the soundtrack for your life
It doesn’t happen to you,you happen to life
Stand up, do something with your life
It doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life


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