You Alone-Stephanie Smith February 28, 2009

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Track 8- You Alone-Stephanie Smith

This video is CRAP. It’s all I could find. I hope she doesn’t really sound like that in person!

I’m lost again
In awe tonight
As You paint the sunset sky
A miracle, another sign
With Your thumb print every time
It always seems to bring to mind
The blessings I call my life

But that’s just what You do
That’s not all of You

I love You for You, You, and You alone
Because of You, You, and You alone
Not for all of Your wonders
But all that You are

I love You, You, You, You alone

You’re more than just a name I praise
You’re more than amazing Grace
Your mercy is new every day
But that’s just the starting place
It’s Your heart
It’s Your face
It’s Your beauty I long to chase

But it’s not what You do
That’s why I love You


Even though my minds too small
To really grasp all that You are
I’ll trust You with my heart
‘Cause You love me
I can love You
I love You
You alone


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