Live what I believe-Russ Lee March 9, 2009

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I do plan to post something about Youth Advance, the youth retreat I attended this weekend, but first I want to post about this song.

As I was driving home from the library (it just opened-it’s huge and has a drive through), this song came on. I had just passed a terrible car crash. There was a white sheet on the ground. It was a red convertible. If the passenger(s) weren’t buckled, I doubt they lived. It was tipped on its side on the grass on the side of the opposing traffic’s side of the road.
Seeing this terrible tragedy just really made me sad. It made me think about my life. This song encouraged those thoughts.

Here are the lyrics to the song.

These are the days
For the children of faith
To stand up and be counted
Now is the time
For the light in us to shine
On whoever’s around it

One life can be the proof
Of the hope that is You

I’m gonna live what I believe
I’m gonna walk that line
If it costs me everything
I’m gonna stand for what is right
So that everyone can see
It’s Jesus that they need
I’m gonna live what I believe

The world will see God’s grace
When we work and we pray
And then love like we mean it
if there’s ever been a day
To give ourselves away
Well, I think we’re in it

There’s a passion deep inside
For my life to testify

Lord, let me be used
As a witness for You
With faith and conviction
You’ve called me by Your name
And I will not be ashamed

Gonna walk that line
I’m gonna stand for what is right
Hey, it’s Jesus that they need


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